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Portable induction hobs: best options you can find on Amazon

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Small, light and easy to use to cook anywhere. These are the best induction hobs you can buy right now.

If cooking is something you love and you would like to be able to do it anywhere, you have options, such as portable induction hobs. Although you will always need a plug to use them, there are many ways to use them and they are very useful for the most cooks.

They are widely used in campers and motorhomes, but it is becoming more and more common to see them in rental apartments or in AirBnb. Also in houses where there is already a gas hob or installation in the kitchen. For example to make Hot Pot or hot dishes at the table where you eat.

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Portable induction hobs are very interesting and useful products, in addition they are surprisingly cheap.

If you like buy the best portable induction hob that you can find on Amazon right now, we offer you the 5 best among which you should have your choice. Plus, they have free shipping.

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  1. Best value for money: AMZCHEF
  2. With 10 power levels: Aigostar BlueFire 30PKZ
  3. With 8 functions: Jata VIN145
  4. With round design: Aigostar Cookmate
  5. 28 centimeters: Cecotec Full Crystal
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Best value for money: AMZCHEF


One of the induction hobs with the best value for money is this model from the AMZCHEF brand. Not only is it cheap, costing less than 50 euros, you can also apply a 15% discount coupon to make it cheaper.

It has a surface of 320 x 200 mm to put any pan or saucepan. It has 10 power levels between 60ºC and 240ºC with a variable power from 300 to 2000 W.

It’s easy to clean and even has direct access buttons for minimum and maximum temperature, as well as temperature for frying or boiling water.

With 10 power levels: Aigostar BlueFire 30PKZ

Aigostar BlueFire 30PKZ

Aigostar BlueFire 30PKZ It is another of the portable induction plates with a good price, only 45 euros, and that is very easy to store to store it and take it out when you need it.

It has 10 power levels from 200W to 2000W, with timer, digital display and is compatible with pans and other containers between 13 and 24 centimeters. It reaches a maximum temperature of 240ºC.

With 8 functions: Jata VIN145

Jata VIN145

Jata VIN145 It is a perfect electric induction cooker to have it in a camper, in a small kitchen or as a solution in case you lack fires to cook.

It has 8 programmed functions, an LED screen, a temperature and power slider and is suitable for containers between 12 and 26 cm.

You can buy it on Amazon for only 45 euros, a discount of 24% compared to its previous price and also with free shipping costs.

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With round design: Aigostar Cookmate

Aigostar Cookmate

If you are looking for something with a more interesting design and also perfect for use with pans, this Aigostar Cookmate It is a perfect portable induction cooktop.

It has a round design for use with containers from 12 to 26 cm. It has 9 power levels of up to 2000W, a timer and an LCD screen where it indicates the power or time. The dial where the screen is allows you to choose the 9 power levels (between 200 and 2000 W in 200W steps).

You will find it on Amazon for 43.99 euros.

28 centimeters: Cecotec Full Crystal Onyx

Cecotec Full Crystal Onyx

Cecotec Full Crystal Onyx It is a perfect option if you need more space for your containers since it has a surface of up to 28 centimeters.

It has 4 preset programs, a timer, LCD screen and a maximum power of 2000W.

You can buy it on Amazon for 49.90 euros and it is one of the best sellers in this store. You can also find it in the Cecotec online store for 49.90 euros.

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