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Portable inflators, what you should know to choose correctly

It may be that at a given moment we need to inflate something that cannot wait, such as a ball or a car wheel, and we have nothing on hand to achieve it. At that time we will miss not having a portable inflator, a device that can be of great help and which we are going to talk to you about right now so that you know everything you need to know.

It has happened to all of us that a car tire loses pressure and needs to be inflated, but we are far from anywhere where we can use some type of inflator or, for example, we want to play with a ball and we realize that It doesn’t have enough air, but we have nowhere to go to inflate it.

This could be solved if we had a portable inflator in the car or home, to be able to inflate any type of tool that needs it.

The problem comes when we realize that there are many different models on the market and that we do not have enough knowledge to know which one we should choose for ourselves.

That is going to change from today, since we are going to give you all the information with which you can be clear about which inflator is the one that compensates you the most and which one you should buy within your circumstances and budget.

What exactly is a Portable Air Inflator?

When we talk about a portable inflator we refer to a device that will serve us to be able to inflate a good number of things such as balls, car, bicycle or motorcycle wheels and even inflatable pools.

This type of device bases its operation on an internal motor that is capable of activating a cylinder that can compress the air and then expel it at high speed. In some cases they even have a tank where they store air that can be used later when we need it.

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Factors to consider in a portable inflator

These types of devices are becoming more compact, something that is appreciated, especially if we carry them in the trunk of the car, since they will take up less space.

They are devices that usually work with a 12V DC power outlet (just the one with the car cigarette lighter), even having the possibility of having a normal plug or one adapted for the car.

There are certain functions that these inflators should have and that should interest us. We must also know that the more options they have, the more expensive they will be, as is normal, but they will also be much more efficient:

  • Power: The power with which these types of devices pump the air is measured in PSI, a measure to know what the air pumping capacity is. The vast majority of inflators sold today have 120 PSI or a little more, which is more than enough to inflate a car tire. Therefore, that must be the minimum power at which the one we buy should work.
  • Screen: We should have an indicator, which can sometimes be digital (by means of an LCD screen) or analog, to be able to control how much power we are giving to what we are inflating and thus not go over its limit.
  • Automatic stop: So that we do not have problems of overinflating the tires of our car or a ball, to give you a couple of examples, our portable inflator should have a stop function that prevents it from exceeding the pressure that we have previously indicated. In this way we will not have to spend all the time looking at the indicator to avoid going overboard, since the device will do it automatically.
  • Size and weight: As we told you before, these inflators have reduced their size quite a bit in recent times, so it is advisable to choose one that is small and manageable, so that its use is not complicated when we need it and so that it occupies less, whatever it may be. the place where we store it or take it, such as the trunk of the car.
  • Energy: When it comes to energy, there are two well-differentiated types. Those that connect to the car’s cigarette lighter (although there are some with a plug at home, but few) which is a 12V socket, or those that have a built-in battery and that must be charged in order for them to work. The latter, as usual, will be more versatile, since we can move them wherever we want without being aware of the cable.
  • nozzles: Something also extremely interesting to incorporate are the nozzles to be able to inflate different types of utensils such as those for bicycles, needles for basketballs or soccer balls, those used by inflatable pools, etc.
  • Lights: Another of the most interesting faculties that it can have is the incorporation of a light (now generally LED) for when we have a problem with the tires at night and thus we can inflate the wheel having lighting to be able to achieve it.
  • Burden: There are even some other models that serve as a power bank for other devices, such as smartphones or tablets, so that they recover part of their autonomy.
  • Noise: Another factor to take into account is noise, since the vast majority of them are extremely noisy, so if you find one whose sound is not excessively strong and meets everything you deem necessary, you should not let it escape.
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How is an air inflator used?

Using it is extremely simple, it does not have any difficulty, being able to make it work in a simple way.

Continuing with the example of inflating tires, we should do the following:

  • we turn on the air inflator.
  • If you allow us, we mark the pressure to which the tire that we are going to inflate should take. If it does not have this function, we must be careful not to exceed the maximum by looking at the indicator that comes with the inflator.
  • We remove the lid, the valve of the wheel and we put the mouthpiece of the air compressor in it.
  • Once the compressor has stabilized, it is time to inflate the tire until reaching the necessary bars for that particular wheel
  • If by chance we go over the pressure, all inflators allow us to perform the reverse function, so we can solve it.
  • Once we have finished, we close the tire valve and collect the inflator.
  • As you can see, the operation is extremely simple.

Now that you have all the information about tire inflators, you can buy one that suits you, what you need and your budget without any problem.

There is a lot to choose from, but now we know what we want and need.

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