Thursday, October 6

Portugal and Spain strengthen ties in the face of the energy crisis

  • The Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs met this Wednesday in Lisbon to defend a greater gas interconnection with Europe through Midcat

  • The recent joint initiatives in energy matters have allowed a rapprochement between the two countries and more weight within the European Union

Portugal Y Spain remain determined to strengthen their alliance in the face of energy crisis and supply problems. gas stemming from the conflict in Ukraine. The defense and foreign ministers of the two countries met this Wednesday in Lisbon to define a joint strategy on security and foreign relations, in which the need to continue pressuring France to conclude the pipeline Midcat. A connection that would reduce the isolation of the Iberian Peninsula in terms of Energy and that it would help curb dependence on Russian gas in the European Union (EU).

The Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albareshighlighted after the meeting the will of Spain and Portugal to contribute proposals that help the rest of the EU. “Proposals like Midcat seek what the two countries have always done in Brussels. They are solutions that help to deal with gas blackmail by Vladimir Putin and it is to play European, which is what we Spaniards and Portuguese always do”, assured Albares. The minister recalled that neither Spain nor Portugal have energy supply problems, thanks to the regasification capacity of the two countries, and that the project aims to strengthen “European solidarity”.

The conclusion of pipeline Midcat has also been defended by the Portuguese side, which highlights that it will not only serve to supply gas to the rest of Europe, but also to transport other energies in the future. “The energy issue is fundamental. The president of the European Comission proposed this morning a European hydrogen bank, which we think is an excellent idea and clearly points to energy autonomy through new interconnections. The positions of Portugal and Spain are gaining ground and are increasingly understood”, explained the Portuguese Foreign Minister, Joao Gomes Cravinho.

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The energy crisis resulting from the conflict in Ukraine has brought the two countries closer in recent months. An approach that has made it possible to maintain firm positions in Europe, such as the proposal to limit the price of gas in the Iberian market of the electricity, which was finally accepted by the European Commission and which has contributed to significantly reducing the price of electricity in both countries, compared to the rest of the EU. “We want to increase the leadership that Spain and Portugal have in Europe. The two countries are going to continue contributing many questions, in these times of change, to aspire to a solid and profound leadership in the EU”, said the Spanish Defense Minister, Margaret Oaks.

In addition to defending a common position in the energy field, the ministers of the two countries have insisted on the need to continue supporting Ukraine both in the area of ​​weapons and in the formation of troops. “We agree with Spain on the importance of troop training and we will continue working to strengthen these proposals”, said the Portuguese Defense Minister, Helena Carreras. The two countries have also shown a joint position in relations with the countries of Latin America and North Africa, with special attention to the situation in the Sahel.

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