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POTATO OMELETTE | Do you know how to make the perfect potato omelette? This is the ultimate trick

Tricks for the perfect Spanish omelette

Tricks for the perfect Spanish omelette

Much of the credit for the fame of the omelette It is thanks to the freedom in his steps and execution of the recipe. From the cut of the potato, the amount of egg in the bowl, the use of other guests as the onion o the current trend of liquid cooking in the dump with the pan to fire and others cooking tricks. Something non-negotiable for this food is the use of the patata mona lisa, those of a lifetime, neither more nor less, and the olive oil for frying. The cut of the potato is free verse, many advocate a uniform and of a very fine thickness. In another case, the most traditional ones coincide with the most disruptive, this consists of pinching the center of the tuber with the knife and then breaking it out leaving a larger chunk and uneven to the rest.

The onion debate is over

The debate of the with and sincebollistas It is for other times, the onion has to be applied in its right measure if you prefer, a tortilla Without it, it leads to other times of cooking and preparation, be very careful. Now the debate, especially on social networks, focuses on cooking, curd, to the point or slug, like the famous omelette from Betanzos how many awards he has received.

To start your cooked, the oil should not be too strong as the result has to be more of a caramelised potato paste: with crispier parts and more silky ones. They should never be roasted more than normal because of having the oil at a high temperature and that this emulates more than some bag chips. After about eight minutes, when the color of the potato has changed, and only if you are a member of the “chives” club, the chopped piece will be added to the party, advisable in moonlight, that is, elongated, to the pan so that are cooked together with the potato.

The trick to know if your concoction is ready to be removed is curious: play with the potato and when it begins to break easily it will be time to remove it to a considerably large bowl, because then the exchange of fluids between the egg and the potato (and the onion).


Cooking, a matter of eggs

In the art of creating such a product of ours, the most fun is not having weights or scales at hand. Tradition makes it clear that the amount of egg should be slightly higher than potato, although the rule leaves sections for the most doubtful: if you don’t have it, add another one. Next, they are beaten in the bowl where later their greatest ally will arrive: the potato already cooked, and especially drained of the extra oil.

If your spirit advocates something more classic, the curd omelette will be your destination. Your porridge should be a more solid dough than if you prefer the fashionable cooking point: the undercooked, liquid or Betanzos-style omelette, whatever you want to call it; It is the result of a sea of ​​eggs where the potatoes are flooded in it.

Once you have obtained the ultimate mix, it is time to recycle a few drops of the oil used to cook the potatoes (and the onion) so that it acts as an intermediary between the porridge and the pan, we do not want an omelette with the appearance of Guernica … On the other hand, the The fire must be at an intermediate level, if your desire is that when the knife comes into contact with the tortilla it begins to bleed the egg and the potato gushing, the turning time will be much less than if we want something more traditional. On the contrary, if a more uniform cooking is preferred, you should rest the dough for a few minutes, when the sides of the tortilla are sealed and you can see how some smoke appears from the bottom of the pan, you can turn it over without problem.

The mystery is none other than having enough desire to venture into the universe of a unique dish in Spanish gastronomy. That is the biggest trick will to experiment and knowing that trial and error will be part of the path to the perfect potato omelette.

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