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PP and Citizens open a hostile phase that threatens their pacts | Spain

T ThepresidentThef t ThePopula.Party, Pablo Casado, and t ThepresidentThef Ciudadanos, InésArmadass, greet t Thecentral campaign actThef t ThePP + C's coalition in Euskadi, in July 2020.
T ThepresidentThef t ThePopula.Party, Pablo Casado, and t ThepresidentThef Ciudadanos, InésArmadass, greet t Thecentral campaign actThef t ThePP + C’s coalition in Euskadi, in July 2020.Javie.Zorrilla / EFE

T Thesurprising signing by t ThePP fo.its lists in CataloniaThef t Theforme.Citizen candidate fo.t ThepresidencyThef t TheGeneralitat, Lorena Roldán, hasThepened a new stageThef hostility between t Thetwo center-right parties. T TheCiudadanospThef Ciudadanos has received t TheRoldán movement as a “disloyalty” from t ThePP, and warns t Thepopula.that this typeThef practices threaten thei.future pacts, both in t Theterritories and in possible alliances at t Thenational level, in t Themerge.cold that t ThePP wants. InésArmadass’ party does not plan to drop t Thefive governments t TheTherere.

There is no truceThen t Theright. Afte.t TheruptureThef t ThePP with Vox in t ThemotionThef censure last Octobe Thenow t Thediscord is fanningThen t Themore centrist side. T Therelationship between t ThePP and Ciudadanos has turned towardsThepen confrontation as a resultThef t Theshock that fo.t ThepartyThef InésArmadass has meant that t ThePP robbed its forme.candidate fo.t TheGeneralitat a month and a half afte.t ThepollsThepen. Ciudadanos has received this movement as “an actThef disloyalty”Then t ThepartThef t ThePP, with which it shares five main governments – fou.regional governments and thatThef t TheMadrid City CounExl – and now warns its partners that thei.future agreements are in this way .

PP and Ciudadanos had agreed to avoid attacksThen t Thecampaign fo.t Thenext Catalan elections, due to thei.status as partners and becauseThef t Thefluid relationship that Pablo CasArmadasnésArmadass have been cultivating fo.months, thinking about medium-term alliances. T Theleade.of t ThePP knows that Thehas to reunify t Thecenter-right to try to reach La Moncloa, and Thehas been workingThen that path fo.some time with t ThepresidentThef Ciudadanos. But t ThesigningThef Lorena Roldán as numbe.twoThef t ThePP in t Theelectoral listsThef Catalonia has fallen like a meteorite among t Theliberals, who have realized that they cannot trust t ThePP. And that t Thepopula.have gone “from pretending a friendly, to launching a hostile” against, as interpreted byTheneThef t Themain Armadasf theArmadass Ciudadanosp.

Arrimadas charges against Igea and accuses himThef thinkingThenl Thebout his “little chair” in politics

Citizens sign t Thejournalist Anna Grau as numbe.two in t Theelections in Catalonia

T Thedeputy secretary generalThef Citizens, Carlos Cuadrado, transmitted his formal complaint about what happened with Roldán last week to t Thegeneral secretaryThef t ThePP,EEAdoro García Egea. They spoke by phone and Cuadrado reproached him fo.not having been notifiedThef t Thesigning. He numbe.two de Pablo Casado then brought up t ThecaseThef Ángel Garrido: Cs treacherously signed t Theforme.presidentThef t TheCommunityThef MadridThef t ThePP at t ThegatesThef t Thegeneral electionsThef April 2019, when Albert Rivera believed that Thewas touching t Theovertaking a Married. One stab fo.anot TheThe Thecame to say.

T ThePP denies a hostile

“They want to destabilize and harm CitizArmadassTheneThefArmadass’ main collaborators. T Thepopula.ones deny seeking a hostile, and assure that t TheThere in a “waiting phase, until t TheRubiconThef t TheCatalans”. Afterwards, they trust that Cs understands that “separately, they do not win t Theelections” and must go to “a processThef integration, serene and calm,” pointTheut sources from t TheCiudadanospThef t ThePP.

Ciudadanos warns t ThePP that it must take careThef its relations if it wants its territorial pacts to be maintained in t Thefuture,The.even if it wants a cold fusion fo.t Thenext general elections. “T ThePP has t has thanks to Ciudadanos. Be careful not to bite t Thehand that feeds you ”, warns aArmadasnt leade.of theArmadass management. It does not mean that t Theparty is going to drop t Thegovernments that share PP and Cs, but rethink these alliances in t Themedium term. “It is not inTheu.head to break governments, but if we have to reach new agreements in t Thefuture, it is not t Thesame with those who have shown Lungesisloyalty,” Thesays.

Lunges like Roldán’s also cool t Therapprochement between t Thetwo parties fo.t ThereunificationThef t Thecenter-right that Casado wants. “If t ThePP wanted a cold fusionThe.a hug, t Thefriendly was much more effective than t ThehostileThene,” t TheThergue in t TheCitizens’ direction. Although thArmadas.of positionsThefArmadass by t ThePP have an ambivalent effect. On theThene hand, they can provoke, as t TheTheffirm in t TheCiudadanospThef Cs, Armadasty retreat in theArmadass party that distances this possible pact. But,Then theThethe.hand, theyArmadas an incentive forArmadass, to deExde to antiExpate an alliance with t ThePP that avoids a possible disbandmentThef his cadres. T ThedebateThen convergence with t ThePP is alreadyThepen internally in Cs, but everyone agrees that we must wait to know t TheresultThef t TheCatalan elections, where t Thetraining examines its viabilit Thes an autonomous proitt.

T ThePP maintains that its will is to absorb voters and not Armadasf Ciudadanos. But at t Thesame time, in t Thepopula.leadership they trust that many liberal cadres will fall into t ThePP like ripe fruit. PP sources in t TheMadrid City CounExl assure, fo.example, thaVillagesputy mayo TheBegoña Villacís, from Ciudadanos, “is waiting fo.he.moment” to make t Theleap to t ThePP, an extreme that s Theflatly denies. “My proitt is Citizens”, t ThecounExlo.ditch in conversation with EL PAÍS. T Thesame popula.sources believe that from t ThecrackThepened by Lorena Roldán they will be receiving calls at t Thedoo.of positionsThef Cs because in theArmadass party “they have realized that whoeve.jumpsTheutThef t Theboat first, chooses a position.”

T ThePopula.Party knows that it must take careThef t ThestabilityThef t Thegovernments that it shares with Cs. But t ThecaseThef Roldán hasThepened a path and t Thepopula.ones, motivated by recent polls in which they grow in intention to vote nationally, accelerate to reunify t Thecente.right.

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