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PP and CS could reissue the Government pact today according to the Andalusian Barometer survey of July




If the elections to the Andalusian Parliament, the PP would be the most voted political force with the 37.9% of supports, obtaining between 48 and 52 seats. The PSOE, the second political force, would obtain the 23,3% of the votes and between 28 and 29 seats; while Vox would rank as third force with the 11,4% of the votes, which would be worth between 12 and 13 seats.

The fourth place would be occupied by United we can, who could get the 9,2% of the votes and between 9 and 10 representatives in the Autonomous Chamber. Citizens, fifthly, you could get the 8,7% of support and between 7 and 8 seats; while Forward Andalusia would arrive at 3,6% and you could get up to 2 reps.

This is clear from the July wave of the Andalusian Barometer, which performs the Andalusian Studies Center, an organism dependent on Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior. This latest survey conducted between June 15 and 24 on a sample of 3,600 elderly residents of Andalusia offers among its conclusions that More than half of Andalusians (55.6%) rate the Andalusian Government’s management of the PP and Ciudadanos as good or very good.

Moreno, the best valued

Juanma Moreno he is still the best valued leader by the Andalusians, with an average of 6.93 points. At a greater distance they follow Juan Marin (5,64), Juan Espadas (5,39), Martina Velarde (5,15), Teresa Rodriguez (5.09) and Manuel Gavira (4,95).

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This new Andalusian Barometer indicates that the 55.4% of Andalusians consider that the economy of Andalusia will do better or much better with respect to the whole of Spain within a year. The prospects for the evolution of the Andalusian economy for the coming months are also positive: 68.2% of Andalusians believe that it will improve.

Even if the general assessment of the current economic situation in Andalusia is negative, 65.7% of Andalusians value their personal economic situation positively. Three out of ten (31.4%) say that the economic situation in Andalusia is better compared to a year ago.

As for the problems mentioned by the Andalusians, unemployment continues to be the biggest concern for 55% followed, far behind, by the problems derived from the pandemic situation caused by the Covid-19 virus (6.4%).

The pandemic, in the life of Andalusians

The new Andalusian Barometer also collects the opinion of Andalusians regarding how the pandemic has influenced your daily life habits: changes in diet, frequency of physical activity or use of new information technologies in the home.

For six out of ten Andalusians (61.8%) Internet and information technologies they will be more important in our lives when the pandemic ends. Eight out of ten (84.3%) were previously regular Internet users. 5.9% acknowledge having increased the frequency of connection during the pandemic.

The most common uses of the mobile phone they are getting informed and watching news (19.3%); search or reach places of interest (18.4%); carry out operations through online banking (15.3%); make purchases online (12.1%) and post on social networks (9.6%). 23.3% use social networks for less than one hour a day and another 17% dedicate between one and three hours a day. The most used social network is Facebook (35.1%), followed by Instagram (12.1%) and Twitter (5.3%).

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