Friday, March 1

“PP and Vox would be a catastrophe for Catalonia”

-He was a good mayor and he lost.

-The elections were in 2015. Pujol’s confession about his father’s hidden inheritance a year earlier had destroyed Convergència. In addition, shortly before the voting, the then Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, invented that I had 13 million in Switzerland and ‘El Mundo’ published it.

-It was fake.

– But these things always affect.

-We lived very well and Colau won.

-She is a lousy mayor but she is a great comedian, very theatrical. In addition, he has no shame for saying one thing and doing the opposite. I hope she doesn’t win again, but it would be a mistake to write her off.


it is very good for them to continue to go bad. Colau is not voted for by happy people, but by angry people. He makes the comedy of being one of his own, but he does not take the social initiative to change things. Those who lived badly, with her live worse.

-She fights against the powerful.

-That’s what it says, but it doesn’t mean anything, nor is it of any use, because it doesn’t affect the powerful and instead its policies harm the people who work every day.

– Do you think that with the disaster that is today Barcelona can win again?

-I see her developing a special relationship with ERC.

-ERC is the new Convergence.

-No. He wants to occupy the space of the PSC and what was Convergència, and govern with Podemos and the CUP.

-Voting for Colau was the first madness. But that Convergència and the normal people of Catalonia became pro-independence, it was the second.

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-We contribute a lot, we receive very little and we feel despised and we have failed in all attempts to fix it. The last one was the Statute.

-But independence was not a solution, but another failure.

-I have always been a moderate and I felt a friend of Rajoy and Jorge Fernández Díaz. But they betrayed me and came for me.

-How can it be redirected?

-I agree that the conditions for independence do not exist now. But what does the Government offer so that Catalonia does not have the dependency that it now suffers?

-Something will have been managed badly by the Generalitat.

-Have we made mistakes? Yes. We have even done nonsense. But with the lack of resources of the Generalitat it is very difficult to manage reality. I am willing for Catalonia to be supportive, but not dependent. If Catalonia had a fair situation and recognition in Spain, there would not be so many independentists.

-But it is that Puigdemont declared independence.

-But it did not make it effective. He did it as a warning, to see if we could find a solution.

– Escape and jail. Go business.

-If Catalonia does not go well, Spain will have a very bad time.

-Equal to misery, then.

-I think that Catalonia is a nation, but it doesn’t bother me to be in Spain if they don’t make our lives impossible.

-The Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, is the new strong man of his party.

-The strong man is Jordi Sànchez.

-Yes, but in the machinery. Giró wants to be the candidate for president of the Generalitat.

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-I do not think so.

– Well, yes, yes.

-At the moment the economic situation is very complicated, because the Economy advisers either throw the house out the window or are the bad guys in the movie for making cuts.

-If independence is not possible, there is no strong leadership, the financial situation of the Generalitat is agonizing and Colau can win again, what is the solution?

-Time fixes many things. The ‘procés’ and the repression have done a lot of damage. The relationship between the parties is complicated. The fragmentation of Convergència has been lethal. Splits are a disaster.

-A part of your party calls on the ERC to let Pedro Sánchez fall if he does not meet their demands, especially on linguistic matters.

-Look, I have many differences with Pedro Sánchez but what will come if he falls is the end of the world. For Catalonia, a government of PP and Vox would be a total catastrophe.

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