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PP, Vox and Citizens seamlessly support the King’s Christmas Message




The most anticipated speech of the King has been followed by a wide range of reactions. Seamless center-right backrest, cool support from the PSOE and a new rudeness of United we can, ally in this, as in so many other issues, of the pro-independence parties that want to break the unity of Spain.

The distance between the two partners government coalition in this matter is insurmountable. With the PSOE defending the Monarchy –With its many nuances– and Unidos Podemos being the main promoter of the “republican horizon”, both parties delve into their discrepancies, only resolved by their mutual dependence to remain in La Moncloa.

The second vice president of the Executive and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, plunged into a calculated silence – like the Prime Minister and all his ministers – he had already sharpened the knives to mark the agenda of the millions of Spanish households. According to him, this Good night the after-dinner would be marked by a debate between the Monarchy or the Republic.

A discussion that has been present today within the Government, although it has been through its parties, with the reactions to the Christmas message of Don Felipe. United We could care little about the allusions to the commitment to ethics over “family issues”, in clear reference to the alleged irregularities that affect the King’s father.

Those of Iglesias already had their argument prepared and have accused the Monarch of falling into an allegation typical of “propaganda”. The PSOE, for its part, has supported “the fundamentals” of Don Felipe’s message, although in a much colder way than the parties of the right. Pedro Sanchez and Iglesias are the only two leaders of the main parties that have not made any assessment.

Casado has released a video in support of the King’s speech: “He once again demonstrated his closeness and sensitivity”

In Ferraz, all the responsibility has fallen on its president – an honorary position in the PSOE -, Cristina Narbona. Although he has generically applauded Don Felipe’s messages appealing to solidarity and individual responsibility, now that Spain faces the second wave of coronavirus and is on the verge of a third, has also stressed that the monarchical institution must advance in its “renewal”, despite the fact that the King had already expressly mentioned “the renewing spirit” that inspires his Reign “from the first day” .

Thus, the PSOE wanted to emphasize “the King’s firm commitment to ethical values.” “Ethical values ​​that, as the King says, must be above any personal or family circumstance”, Narbona has added, highlighting the distance between Don Felipe and his father.

“We trust that, according to what you told us in your message, you will go ahead with the renewal of the monarchical institution that began from the beginning of its mandate to turn the Parliamentary Monarchy of our country into an institution of the 21st century to the full satisfaction of all the citizens, ”Narbona concluded in a message broadcast by the PSOE, with which he has marked distances with his coalition partner, but also with the main opposition parties.

Criticisms of the Galician PSOE

Silence abounds in the rest of socialism, as in the Government, although there have also been voices that contribute their own nuances. The regional president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, has celebrated the «exemplary» assumption of Don Felipe of his «family circumstance» –in allusion to the distances marked by the King with Don Juan Carlos–, but has also highlighted the “hope” provided by the closed defense that the Monarch made of the Constitution.

He Galician PSOE, through its secretary general, Gonzalo knight, has been deeply unmarked and has criticized the speech as insufficient, according to him, with regard to the defense of the welfare state and the need for “no one to be left behind” in the crisis derived from the ravages of the coronavirus.

At worst pandemic in a century and with constant attacks on the Corona From the Executive itself, the leader of the opposition has decided, for the first time since he is president of the PP, to broadcast a recorded message with full support for Don Felipe’s speech. If on Christmas Eve he had already applauded the King via Twitter, today, Christmas, has complemented his words with a video in which he praises the “exemplary nature of the King” and focuses on his memory of those most affected by the pandemic.

“He once again demonstrated his closeness and sensitivity to Spaniards who are having a hard time in this difficult 2020, especially with families who have lost a loved one due to the coronavirus, those who continue to fight for their lives and health personnel” .

In contrast to the PSOE, in the PP They have turned to the King and the recognition has been transversal. The regional presidents Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Juanma Moreno and Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra… Everyone has shared comments that are summarized in: “The King with everyone and everyone with the King.”

Since Vox They have chosen to cede the lead to the Monarch, although they have implicitly made their absolute support clear. Both the official account of the party and its president, Santiago Abascal, have shared a fragment of Don Felipe’s speech.

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés ArrimadasHe also had a few words of appreciation to the King “in the most difficult year.” Something that the leader of the opposition in Catalonia stressed today, Carlos Carrizosa, who has demanded that those who seek to “overthrow the Monarchy”, “nationalism and populism”, do not dare to teach “not a lesson” to the Head of State. Party sources emphasize that Don Felipe was “at the height of the circumstances” by ensuring exemplary conduct, “also in the Royal House.”

The recognition of the King has also come from civil society, with congratulations such as that of the president of the National Federation of Associations of Self-Employed Workers (they), Lorenzo Love, who greeted the words of Don Felipe “recognizing the heroes” of the pandemic. Criticism does not silence praise.

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