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PP, Vox and Ciudadanos will demonstrate together in Colón against the pardons to the ‘procés’ prisoners | Spain

Colón’s photo returns. The right returns to the same scene, the Plaza de Colón in Madrid, where it starred in the famous demonstration against the Government in February 2019 that precipitated the call for general elections in April of that year. PP and Vox will demonstrate against the pardons to the prisoners of the process next June 13 in a protest called by Unión 78, a platform promoted by Rosa Díez, former leader of UPyD. Ciudadanos, who two years ago also participated in the photography, supports the call and encourages the mobilization and, although it has not yet decided whether it will attend, according to official sources, it will be represented at the highest level because the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, has announced that she will be present. The popular ones burn ships against possible pardons and Pablo Casado has announced that they will also collect signatures to oppose the grace measure, recovering the strategy that the PP deployed against the Statute of Catalonia.

It has taken a few days to unify strategies, but the right has already risen to try to prevent Pedro Sánchez from pardoning the prisoners of the process. PP, Cs and Vox once again act as a bloc to oppose this measure on different fronts: the judicial, with the announcement that they will appeal to the Supreme Court, and the political one, with initiatives in all institutions, and now also in the street . “We do not intend to passively tolerate the conversion of blackmail into a ‘normal’ political procedure, as would happen with the granting of pardons to convicted coup plotters who have expressed their express intention to commit a crime, expressly circumventing the contrary reports of the Supreme Court and the State Attorney General’s Office. ”, Reads the call for the act that will unite the right again in a demonstration in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid against the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

The PP also recovers the collection of signatures as a method to mobilize the population against the forgiveness of the sentence to the imprisoned pro-independence leaders. “Serena, but firmly, the party that I preside is going to mobilize to collect signatures against these possible pardons,” announced Casado, who has also reported that the PP will present motions in the 8,000 municipalities of Spain. The leader of the PP wants the parties to portray themselves and confirm “if they want to live in a constitutional and democratic nation in which the laws are respected, or if we want to continue giving air to some rulers who defy justice and the Constitution to remain in the power”.

The leadership of the PP will be at the demonstration in the Plaza de Colón, as confirmed by sources from the popular leadership, although the party has not yet decided who will attend and if Pablo Casado will. For now, the mayor of the capital and spokesman for the national executive, José Luis Martínez Almeida, has said that he supports the protest “as a citizen.” The popular ones have changed their criteria, because their intention was to avoid demonstrations against pardons and to focus all opposition work in Congress and in the institutions. With his decision, the PP will once again share a photograph with Vox. The leader of the far-right party, Santiago Abascal, has hinted that he will attend, as expressed in a message on his social networks. “We support this call without nuances. It is important that Spaniards, beyond the initials of the parties, unite against this outrage against legality, justice, democracy and the unity of Spain. See you in Colón ”, he stated.

This protest will be the first in which PP and Vox join forces since the motion of censure of the extreme right in which Casado broke with Abascal. The popular ones wanted to avoid giving wings to Vox with the Catalan theme, but they have been dragged by the call of Rosa Díez’s platform. The demonstration, on June 13 at noon, is called “against the granting of pardons to those convicted of sedition in Catalonia, and in support of the judiciary, attacked by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, and in defense of equality before all Spaniards, without exception ”, details the text of the call.

Ciudadanos joins the protest, but it is not clear how they will participate. The party of Inés Arrimadas was present at the Colón demonstration in 2019 against the start of negotiations with the Government of Catalonia, then under the leadership of Albert Rivera, but that image divided the formation internally and continues to be controversial for Cs. Arrimadas did not participate in the demonstration at the time, although he officially had a problem with transportation and did not arrive on time. But some leaders, such as the head of the European delegation, Luis Garicano, assured that they did not feel comfortable sharing a photo with Vox. Now, Cs enthusiastically endorses the appointment, but has not yet confirmed whether he will attend. “The mobilization on the 13th is from civil society, from intellectual leaders who have our respect and support; We understand that the leading role there should be for them and not for parties. It seems to us good news that there are beginning to be chain reactions against an intolerable maneuver by the Sánchez government, ”say party sources. Now, Cs will be represented because the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, has announced that she will attend. It is a personal initiative of Villacís, they specify in Cs.

The announcement of the act alerts against an “undemocratic political drift imposed by those who have the obligation to defend the Constitution and the union of the Spanish nation.” “We reject the normalization of injustice, the emptying of the Constitution and attacks on the unity of the Spanish nation and the rule of law,” says the text.

The convening platform, Union 78, is promoted by the former leader of UPyD, Rosa Díez, the former president of the Basque PP María San Gil, the philosopher Fernando Savater and the former socialist deputy Jesús Cuadrado, and received support from other former politicians and intellectuals from the PP and Ciudadanos environment, such as Albert Boadella , Félix Ovejero, Félix de Azúa or Elvira Roca. It is defined as a platform “of non-institutional political activism, without electoral pretensions neither in the short nor in the long term.” The group is ideologically described as “constitutionalist” and was established in response to the “grave concern” that the formation of the PSOE and United We Can coalition government inspired its members, “which is supported by separatist political groups or linked to the very recent terrorism ”.

The date of the appointment, June 13, coincides with the celebration of the PSOE primaries in Andalusia and with the United Podemos congress in which the new general secretary will be elected. The possible pardons to the independence prisoners have once again raised the tension in Spanish politics to the maximum.

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