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Praim creates new solutions to protect banking data

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Data breaches, ransomware, and other attacks are happening more frequently every day and pose a huge threat to businesses, organizations, and banks. Looking at the present and with a view to the future, one of Praim’s objectives is to help improve the Banking sector.

Currently, one of the main challenges facing banks is to achieve quality systems that protect customer data and their own security systems. In response to this new challenge, Praim has launched the ThinOX4PC software and the ThinMan management console, which allow the system administrator to have everything under control and be able to manage it directly from the IT department. Thus, it offers solutions to create and manage powerful, secure and efficient hardware and software workstations for the cloud, accompanying its clients in the Digital Transformation process. Praim is also working to standardize technology management with clients, both for the window and back office environments. Conventional workstations in this sector represent the management of peripherals connected to PCs and that require maximum efficiency and reliability: printers, check scanners, graphometric signature pads and ATMs.

From Marketing and CRM to business intelligence solutions

Advances towards transformation represent a revolution in the concept that we know today as Banking. Its evolution goes from the creation of strategies for new Marketing and CRM services, to business intelligence solutions to manage and analyze the new potential of services, but also to control risks and to guarantee business continuity.

In addition, considering that it is a market that is increasingly moving towards online and where the relationship with the client is mainly digital, the level of transparency and simplification becomes a differentiating element.

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The company provides solutions to complete the security strategy

Both virtual and physical criminals seek to violate technological infrastructures, security systems and customers, which is why the digitization of banking must increasingly offer high security. “Choosing technological solutions that accompany the process and guarantee it is very important and it is essential to guarantee absolute simplicity and transparency”, explains Jacopo Bruni, Marketing Manager at Praim.

More flexible and scalable infrastructures

The company provides solutions to complete the security strategy, both through Thin Client devices and through software solutions. This tool, by its nature, does not allow writing to the disk, therefore it is practically “unassailable” and is a safe alternative to PCs in a virtualized environment, providing performance and support for multiple monitors. Another advantage that Thin Clients have is that in addition to limiting investment in endpoints and reducing energy consumption, they make corporate infrastructure more flexible and scalable.

Important banking institutions use the solutions offered by Praim in their systems. Some are even international, such as Cornèr Banca, Servizi Bancari Associati or Gruppo Generali, among others.

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