Tuesday, July 27

Pregnancy and coronavirus: what is known and what is not about babies born with antibodies thanks to their mothers being vaccinated

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Mother and children

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Thanks to vaccines, there are already babies who are being born with antibodies against covid-19.

Some studies are already reporting that pregnant mothers who get vaccinated against COVID-19 can pass the antibodies on to their children.

The data is still under review and researchers are still collecting more evidence, but what is known so far is within what was expected, according to experts.

In recent weeks, news has circulated from doctors who report the first babies born with covid-19 antibodies that they received while in the womb of their vaccinated mother.

The truth, however, is that before these cases that were presented as something striking, preliminary studies in Israel and the United States that involved dozens of women, had already reported babies who were born with these antibodies thanks to their mothers being vaccinated.


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