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Pregnancy test: when and how to do it

Pregnancy test: when and how to do it

The absence of the period is one of the main indicators for the woman of a possible pregnancy. To make sure, pregnancy test They are products that ensure the fertilization of the ovum or not. But it is important to know when to take this test and how so that it is 100% reliable and don’t give false negatives.

When to do a pregnancy test to be reliable

The pregnancy test looks for a hormone in our urine called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). As the egg is fertilized, after about 6 or 8 days it implants in the uterus and the placenta is generated. Our body notices these changes and secretes different hormones, including HCG.

Depending on whether menstruation cycles are regular or irregular, this hormone will be present in our body between 6 and 15 days after possible fertilization. HCG levels the first few days of being pregnant are low, but as the weeks progress, they increase.

For this reason, it is not advisable to perform the pregnancy test the days after possible fertilization, since there will not be a sufficient level of human chorionic gonadotropin in our urine and the result of the pregnancy test may not be reliable.

Is better wait 15 days to do it to make sure there is enough of this hormone. In case of taking a test before this period of days and giving negative, it is advisable to leave a few days and do it again to rule out a false negative.

The first morning urine It has more hormones, so it is advisable to perform the pregnancy test at that time.

How to do a pregnancy test

There are different brands of pregnancy tests on the market. Each one has specific instructions that they must follow. But all of them usually work through a test strip It detects the HCG hormone. To do this, the tip of the pregnancy test where the test strip is located must be in contact with the urine for a few seconds. After this, we must put the lid back on the test so that it does not come into contact with bacteria.

The waiting time to know the results is not very long, it is usually several minutes, and in the instructions of the product it should be indicated.

Each pregnancy test indicates the result in a different way. But in most cases, pregnancy is reflected by two lines and non-fertilization is reflected by one line.

Two lines on the pregnancy test indicate pregnancy and one line indicates that there has been no fertilization Pexels

To avoid that the product can give us erroneous tests, it is better to buy the pregnancy test directly when you want to use or use the ones we have at home but always checking the expiration date.

Reliability of pregnancy tests

In each pregnancy test comes in the instructions marked how much precision and reliability has that test. In most products and brands the effectiveness is 99%. In case you are not comfortable doing it at home, you can go to the doctor to perform the same urine test, whose results will be immediate, or a blood test, whose results will have to wait several days.

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