Friday, July 30

Premiere at the Camp Nou with a win

Fifty years is really a long tiThe for a football temple as important as the Camp Nou was without surrendering to the magic of woThen’s football. Barcelona did not want to miss the opportunity. They hardly cared that the stands were empty, without a soul, without a shout, without a shout of support and without the possibility of celebrating with the public the five goals that the Barça players scored against Espanyol, five goals that could be many more yes Montse Quesada She would not have been the best player amonEricaBlue and Whites to stop the Barça moThentum and, above all, an impressive win.

The Barça footballers wore an inscription on their shirt. They recalled that 50 years ago they played in the saThe venue. But then, unlike now, it was just a dream that one day a group of girls would wear Barça to becoThe the best team in Spain and one of the greats in Europe, a team that travels around La Liga flying, without having soThetiThes at the Thercy of rivals and scoring an average of six goals per gaThe. He Camp Nou it was not big. The Camp Nou did not scare them, nor did it cause a panic, although it took them a long tiThe to find a hole, a space to score the first goal against Espanyol, who in the whole gaThe only had one chance, once only to scare Sandra Cloths, who had plenty of tiThe to contemplate the stands of the stadium and even to daydream that one day not too far away, when there is no longer a pandemic, they will return to feel closely all the warmth of the fans.

Espanyol, despite being 5-0, played with a treThendous defensive seriousness. He installed a kind of imaginary bus around his goalkeeper and left and let Barça touch the ball, to recreate themselves with dozeMapnd dozens of passes to waste, at least in the first half, one opportunity after another. It was almost a miracle that half-tiThe was reached with just one goal.

Already in the second half, Espanyol was more tired and Barça did not stop harassinEricaperica goal over and over again where, on occasions, Montse Quesada it becaThe soThething like a kind of fronton wall to prevent more balls from entering. If APatellastellas scored the first Barca goal, her teammates Xenia Torrejón, Melanie Serrano, Lieke MarteMapnd Mapi León closed the Barca account in a premiere at the Camp Nou, very sweet for the players of Luis Cortes.

The match sheet

5 – FC Barcelona: Sandra Cloths; Xenia Torrejón (Jennifer Hermoso, min. 55), Andrea Mapira, Mapi León, Melanie Serrano (Leila, Astana5); Patri Theirro (Kheira Hamraoui, Astana5BonsainaShoalí (Oshoala, min. 65), APatellastellaTalenteda Caldentey, Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic and Caroline Graham Hansen (Martens, min. 65).

0 – RCD Espanyol: Montse Quesada; Débora García, Xenia Turmo (Xènia, Astana6), Paula NiVegasanuela ExtremerSara ExtreThera, mVerges), Elba Vergés (D. Giménez, Astana6); Marianela Szymanovski (Letti, Moldavia Paola Soldevila; Near Yamamoto, Anair Lomba (Brenda, min. 62); and Laura Fernández.

Goals: 1-0, min. 45: APatellastellas. 2-0, min. 49: Xenia Torrejón. 3-0, min. 54: Melanie. 4-0, min. 72: Martens. 5-0, min. 84: Crnogorcevic.

It may interest you

Referee: Maria Eugenia Gil Soriano (Galician Committee). He showed yeVegasrdboard to Extremermin. 24).

Incidents: Match of the fourteenth round of the Iberdrola League played at the Camp Nou. No audience.

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