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Preorder Solo Stove’s new pizza oven

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Pi Day doesn’t have to be about eating key lime or rhubarb –– it can also include pizza pie. Just in time for today’s celebration of 3.14, Single Stove has a new way to enjoy delicious, homemade pizza.

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Today, Single Stovemaker of some of the most ingenious smokeless fire pits we’ve triedits announced release of Pi, an adaptive, easy-to-use backyard pizza oven that could fit into practically anyone’s lifestyle. Starting today, you can preorder either the wood-burning Pi Pizza Oven for $424.99 (a savings of $200 from the $674.99 list price) or the wood and gas-fueled model for $599.99 (a drop of $295) and have it for this spring. (The estimated ship date is April 29.)

“We are thrilled to expand our outdoor cooking offerings with the addition of Pi. Solo Stove customers value experiences and gathering with friends and family, and it’s hard to think of a better meal to create and share than fresh, homemade pizza,” Solo Stove President Clint Mickle said in a release. “With Solo Stove’s classic design incorporated into the new pizza oven, Pi is a natural extension of our product line and we’re looking forward to continuing to elevate outdoor backyard experiences.”

This standalone, portable pizza oven has the capabilities and design that seem to put it on par with Solo Stove’s other products, meaning that it has the potential to be your new backyard dinner party or barbecue staple.

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The Pi’s Demi-Dome construction doesn’t just look beautiful, it also forces rising heat downward to cook your pizza evenly and efficiently, much like a large brick pizza oven would. The oven’s all-over ceramic insulation and cordierite pizza stone aid in this process. According to a statement from Solo Stove, you can cook a standard 12-inch pizza in only two minutes, which makes it the perfect dinner solution for large parties as well as a weeknight meal.

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The standalone Pi is available in both wood-burning-only and combination wood-and-fuel burning models.

The Pi oven is available for presale on its own as well as part of a bundle with accessories. The Starter Bundle includes the Pi, a cutter, stainless peel and infrared thermometer for $509.99. The Essentials Bundle includes the Pi, an attachable gas burner, stainless peel, turner peel, cover, infrared thermometer and cutter for $749.99.

While the Reviewed team has not yet been able to test out the Pi, we have tried and loved many other products from Solo Stove. Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Single Stove Bonfire

There’s a reason Solo Stove’s fire pits are so popular, and that reason is the bonfire We think it’s one of the best fire pits you can buy, and even if you can’t have a built-in backyard fire pit, or are just intimidated at the idea altogether, we think you’ll find the Bonfire to be an accessible and affordable solution. The “smokeless fire” design makes starting a backyard blaze much simpler. Do not smoke inhalation for you or your neighbors. The Bonfire uses firewood, regardless of being “smokeless,” and it is easy to transport for attending a barbecue or taking it camping. In fact, it only weighs 20 pounds and has a diameter of less than 20 inches.

Get the Solo Stove Bonfire for $249.99

2. Single Stove Ultimate Grill Bundle

Not fancy grill? No problem. While Solo Stove is well known for its fire pits, we were pleased to see that their portable grill was no slouch either. And much like those fire pits, the grill is just as sleek, lightweight and easy to use. Plus, by purchasing the grill bundle, you’re basically set for summer. Not only is the grill bigger than most portable grills out there, it cooks effectively with both direct and indirect heat, and the bundle includes a 13-inch portable grill stand, spatula, tongs, meat fork, grill shelter, grill carry case, a 4-pound bag of charcoal briquettes and a four-pack of fire starters. All in all, it weighs less than 40 pounds, so you can tote it out to your own yard or bring it over to a friend’s. While Solo Stove says that four pounds of charcoal should last about 45 minutes, we found that you could stretch that time up to an hour under the right conditions –– making it essential for grilling season.

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Get the Ultimate Grill Bundle from Solo Stove for $549.99

3. Single Stove Yukon

If you love big group campouts or entertaining a lot of people, you should meet the Yukon. This 27-inch diameter, 38-pound beauty is just as gorgeously sleek as the Bonfire, but in a larger size. Much like the smaller Bonfire, the Yukon creates a smokeless fire for less smell and clean up, and it touts Solo Stove’s Signature 360° Airflow Design for a long-burning fire that is sure to impress your guests. Solo Stove says that the fire pit burns wood to a fine ash, making it super easy to clean. Not bad for a little fire pit that creates some pretty big flames (up to four feet, according to testimonials).

Get the Yukon from Solo Stove for $489.99

4. Stove Ranger only

Who says a fire pit is only for people who have expansive backyards? The Ranger caters to city dwellers and campers alike. Whether you’re hanging out on a beach, camping in the mountains or even spending an evening in the city (as long as you can have an open flame), the Ranger is the pint-sized fire pit that is sure to make a chill summer night all the most memorable. Much like the Bonfire and the Yukon, this little fire pit also burns wood to a fine ash that’s easy to clean and produces a minimal amount of smoke. Plus, it only measures 15 inches in diameter and weighs a very-manageable 15 pounds. Take it anywhere you’d like a little nighttime ambience –– or a tiny place to roast a few marshmallows.

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Get the Ranger from Solo Stove for $199.99

5. Single Stove Campfire

Sure, you could maybe roast some hot dogs over one of Solo Stove’s fire pits, but if you want efficient cooking power while you’re enjoying the great outdoors, you can’t go wrong with one of the company’s amazing camping stoves. The Campfire makes roasting s’mores and weenies much simpler, so you can forego getting most of your camp time sustenance from dry granola. Even if you’re not the most experienced camper, this powerful little stove makes it quick and easy to get a flame going. (Now all you have to do is figure out setting up your tent.) Much like Solo Stove’s other products, it produces low smoke, looks amazingly cool and is made for portability. The Campfire is great for a campsite of four or fewer people, with a diameter of only seven inches and weighing only 2.2 pounds.

Get the Campfire from Solo Stove for $104.99

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