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Prepare your brand for black friday with these tips

Although originally Black Friday (Black Friday) began as an American shopping tradition, over the years other countries began to join in seeing how well it worked as a sales strategy in the North American market.

Black Friday is set according to Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) and is always the Friday following that date, thus kicking off the holiday shopping season.

Thousands of brands join this day every year and also what we now know as “cybermonday”, which was created under the same premise but focused on online shopping, thus being able to cover a wider market.

During those dates, we can see some inbound marketing examples that develop all kinds of shops, but especially clothing stores and seasonal items seek to stand out by taking advantage of the shopping environment that forms around them.

Within the attraction and promotion stage of Black Friday, social networks become great allies to be able to reach a greater number of people.

Brands often use phrases for Instagram focused on this season of offers to let users know their promotions and discounts.

So let’s start with these 5 tips that will help you prepare your brand for this Black Friday

What does my brand need for Black Friday?

For any campaign or strategy, the objectives are the fundamental pillar and the basis of success. While it is true that this is a great sales opportunity, focus on those products that your audience needs or wants the most.

Establish a real and achievable growth percentage, remember that at most you will have one week to meet the goals you define for Black Friday.

The more specific your objectives are, the better strategies you can create for them and it will be easier for you to evaluate the performance of your actions.

  • Know the needs of your consumer

Not in all countries this day is handled the same, as a clear example we can compare South America with North America. Mainly, we have the theme of the different seasons between one place and another.

While in the south they are enjoying the sun and the heat of summer, in the north they need to bundle up and cover themselves with clothes. Likewise, while some buy snow boots, others look for bathing suits.

Each reality is different and this will definitely influence your sales. If you’re in the hot south, it doesn’t make much sense to offer deep discounts on winter products.

  • Run a season-oriented campaign

There is a common point worldwide and that is that Christmas is celebrated in December. A time of gifts, celebration, lots of food and the desire to share.

Use this to your advantage and run a campaign that transmits that special vibe that Christmas brings. Be it hot or cold, everyone is going to celebrate it in their own way.

If your brand has products or services that suit this season, it is definitely your time to shine.

  • Make sure you have inventory

Avoid being surprised by the numbers and you are left with nothing to offer your customers. It is better to have more than to lack.

Make a projection compared with previous years or with brands in the same category to be able to make an estimate of sales; And, to that, add a percentage that allows you to have a margin of error.

  • Verify that your platforms and stores are ready

Whether you have a physical store or an online store, everything needs to be perfectly prepared, that the staff is attentive, have all the information clear, that your stores speak for you.

If your offers will be online only, make sure you have as many payment and shipping options available. Review every detail and avoid losing a sale due to technical problems.

After these tips, you are ready not only to prepare for Black Friday but to have a few days of many successful sales.

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