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Prequel Game of Thrones and Battle | What is the Triarchy and where are the Stone Steps in ‘The House of the Dragon’

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the house of the dragon

The HBO series presents a territory of vital importance for the plot


‘The House of the Dragon’ has fought its first great battle, the one that pits the Kingdom against a series of pirates and bandits. Actually, although in the series it has been resolved -at least a first assault- in little more than one chapter, the books describe this conflict as a war that lasted several years. The third episode of the HBO production ends with Daemon killing Craghas Drahar and his army invading the Stone Steps.

Why has the series attached such importance to this conflict? For many reasons. The first, narrative, because it serves to better present the character of Daemon Targaryen, the spiteful prince who decides at his own risk to start a war there. After several assaults and a final victory, this character will found his own kingdom there, supported financially by the Iron Throne. It will be a way of thanking for having ended the threat that this rebellion represented for the stability of the crown and a way of compensating for the fact of having been rejected as heir.

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On the Westeros map the Stone Steps are islands in the Narrow Sea, located east of Dorne and west of the Disputed Lands of Essos, and their location is key to important shipping lanes for trade. Taking into account that this is the main source of income for the Velaryons, it is logical that this house insists on solving the problem that originated there as soon as possible (high tolls were imposed to circulate there).

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The protagonists of ‘The House of the Dragon’ plan the attack on the Steps. /


The books say that the Steps were formed from the remains of the Arm of Dorne, the land bridge that connected Westeros and Essos. It is not just any location. The First Men used this bridge to begin their takeover of Westeros. The Children of the Forest and the Greenseers (‘Game of Thrones’ fans will remember them because they appeared to help Bran Stark) tried to stop man’s expansion into Westeros by breaking the bridge through their magic. And that action generated the archipelago that is Los Stepaños de Piedra, small ungovernable islands.

Free Cities

During the episode, reference is made to the Triarchy that is in charge of that area, but it is not fully specified what they mean by this concept. What does this mean? The Triarchy was an alliance that formed between the Free Cities, Myr, Lys, and Tyrosh, former Valyrian colonies. They were governed by a council of magisters without the need for a king. They back Craghas Drahar’s invasion of the Rungs to control the Narrow Sea trade routes, which ends up being a problem for the Velaryons and Targaryens and they decide to act.

There are six other Free Cities scattered throughout Essos: Bravos, Lorath, Norvos, Pentos, Quohor, and Volantis. Some of them will sound familiar to us because they appeared in ‘Game of Thrones’ and were conquered by Daenerys Targaryen.

It is logical to think that the Triarchy will not sit idly by after Daemon’s attack and will try to recover this decisive area for its survival at some point.

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