Tuesday, July 5

Pres. Biden vows “hate will not prevail” after Buffalo mass shooting

Happy Primary day, OnPolitics readers!

Primaries are being conducted in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon and Idaho.

There’s the celebrity doctor facing a conservative commentator and a former hedge fund manager in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Democrat who is favored to win a Senate nomination but is recovering from a stroke. A North Carolina congressman trying to survive a knockout bid from fellow Republicans. An Idaho governor battling his lieutenant governor. And Donald Trump.

Can Cawthorn pull off re-election? North Carolina’s primary day features one of the year’s most embattled incumbents: Rep. Madison Cawthorn, RN.C., whose turbulent term has been marked by ethics complaints, carrying handguns in airports, repeated traffic violations and a furor within his own party over remarks about cocaine and DC orgies.


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