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President Biden said US would send military to Taiwan if China attacks

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Biden has spent the past few days in South Korea and Japan to focus on relations with nations in the Indo-Pacific region following months of attention directed toward Russia’s war in Ukraine.

In South Korea, Biden emphasized the joint themes of expanded economic and security cooperation. On Sunday, he touted Hyundai’s recently announced decision to build a $5.5 billion electric vehicle plant in Georgia, a move he said shows how the US and South Korea together can shape the direction of the world for the better while also creating more than 8,000 American jobs.

The president also told reporters he is not concerned about the US intelligence assessment that North Korea could conduct a missile or nuclear test during his trip.

“We are prepared for anything North Korea does,” Biden said.

After South Korea, Biden is in Japan, where on Tuesday he plans to meet with the leaders of three other nations: Japan, India and Australia. The group is dubbed the “Quad,” short for the “Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.”

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POTUS says US would send military to Taiwan if China invades

President Biden said Monday that the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense militarily if China invades and tries to take over the self-ruled island by force.

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