Saturday, January 28

President Biden signs computer chips manufacturing bill into law

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The House Ways and Means Committee can obtain former President Donald Trump’s tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service, a federal appeals court ruled 3-0 Tuesday.

“With great patience, we followed the judicial process, and yet again, our position has been affirmed by the Courts,” Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, said in a statement to USA TODAY. “I’m pleased that this long-anticipated opinion makes clear the law is on our side. When we receive the returns, we will begin our oversight of the IRS’s mandatory presidential audit program.”

On Twitter, the committee said it expects to receive the requested tax returns and audit files “immediately.”

Trump’s lawyers contend that Congress is not seeking the tax returns of other presidents, but those records are already in the public domain. Trump was the first presidential candidate in modern times not to release his tax returns.

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Biden signs computer chips bill into law

President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a sweeping bipartisan bill that aims to boost domestic manufacturing of computer chips and counter China’s edge in that sector.

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