Sunday, October 2

President of France, of Europe and also a candidate?




First great substantive controversy of the presidential elections: Emmanuel Macron speaks as head of state, as president of the European Union, or as a candidate for his own reelection?

The opposition from the left and right, from the extreme left to the extreme right, have something very profound in common: they loudly denounce the third public intervention of the incumbent president in a week, on Wednesday night, on the first TV channel , TF1, private, to talk for two short hours about the “perspectives” of France.

On Thursday the 9th, Macron gave a press conference to present France’s projects as president of the EU, during the next semester. A day later, Macron gave another press conference, jointly, with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, to comment on the “perspectives” of the Franco – German relationship.

This Wednesday, the president has “invited himself” a great interview of two short hours, on TF1, the first national channel, to comment on the same “perspectives”, national and European.

Valery Pécresse, candidate of Los Republicanos (right) to the head of State, has presented a complaint to the Superior Council of the Audiovisual System (CSA), an independent public authority, responsible for respecting the great deontological principles, considering that Macron “violates”, ” violates “and” skips lightly “all the basic principles, for these reasons:” It is inadmissible that a candidate president prevails on the TV networks, at his demand, when his adversaries must be content with five minutes, in duplex, to answer you. The CSA must restore equal time for all candidates. Democracy imposes an equality that is violated with these favoritisms.

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From Marine Le Pen (far right) to Anne Hidalgo (socialist), passing through Jean-Luc Mélenchon (far left), Eric Zemmour (far right) or Yannick Jadot (ecologist), the rest of the candidates use a very similar language.

In his day, Macron announced that he would serve as president “until the last quarter of an hour” before the second round. A determination that raises a fundamental problem, after the exceptional presence of the president in the media: three major press conferences in less than a week … is it possible to “separate” the public word of the head of state from the word of the candidate? When France holds the rotating presidency of the EU, starting on January 1, will Macron speak as the acting president of Europe, or as a candidate for his own re-election? How will this “duplicity” influence Macron’s national and European credibility?

Raising the deontological problem before the CSA, Valerie Pécresse, a conservative candidate, opens a perhaps essential debate, since the controversy runs the risk of dragging on indefinitely.

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