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Preving Group leads a humanitarian aid project for Ukraine

Adherence to the Companies with a Heart Program of Cáritas for the creation of the Ukraine Aid Project.

What does it consist of?

In a first phase 25 people will be accommodated (expandable once the program and all its dynamics have been activated) in two floors and in the old Convent of the Carmelitas Descalzos located in Badajoz and ceded by the diocese and Caritas. This space has 10 rooms where maintenance will be provided, as well as social, health, educational, legal and psychological assistance for at least one year.

Who will be the host families?

The beneficiaries are mothers with minor childrento which they offer the possibility of participating in a employability programwith the aim that they can access the labor market and recover their autonomy.

“The war may end, but many refugees will not be able to return until the country, devastated by Russian troops, is rebuilt, so it is sought that these people integrate socially and professionally so that they live in the most dignified conditions until they can return. to his land”, explains David Peñarocha, patron of the Ubuntu Foundation and member of the Group’s management team.

When will it launch?

The arrival of the refugees Badajoz is scheduled for the next 28th March. From the group they are working to condition these spaces and provide the necessary elements such as mattresses, bedding, televisions, kitchen furniture and toys for children.

Although the duration of Draft was initially established in one yearit is not ruled out that it can extend if necessary.

Budget and financing

This social action project has a budget of €150,000intended to cover the basic needs mentioned. The financing of all items will be borne by the Ubuntu Foundation, Cáritas Diocesana and the entities or persons who wish to collaborate. Highlight that Cáritas Diocesana provides the households assigned to families with zero cost.

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How can I collaborate?

has been launched a fundraising campaign open to all those entities and individuals who want to join, and who can make their economic contributions through a transfer to bank account ES08 2100 8645 4102 0007 7590 (Ukraine 2022 donation concept) or through Bizum to Ubuntu Africa Foundation (05065). Note that the 100% of donations will go exclusively to this Program and that as in previous projects, we will inform frequently through our social media and on the website of Ubuntu Africa , about the management meters that allow objectifying the contribution of the social actions that we deploy. Likewise, the dissemination of articles and posts related to the cause implies a way of collaborating with the Project.

Without you it would not be possible!

They appreciate the management and predisposition of the Sisters of Charity, who have a field hospital in the Polish town of Chelm, very close to the border with Ukraine, to care for refugees and who are helping with the transfer of these families. As well as to Archbishopric and Caritas for the transfer of the convent and the two houses. Last but not least, recognize the work and collaboration of the National Police Headquarters (the first procedure when the families arrive will be to request the temporary protection granted by the Government), of the meeting and of Badajoz City Hall.

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