Tuesday, September 21

Prince Philip dies: the risky flight from Greece of the Duke of Edinburgh and his family (and what happened to them)

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Prince Philip on a trip to Canada

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Prince Felipe, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on Friday, April 9, at the age of 99.

Although he only lived there for the first 18 months of his life, Prince Philip’s bond with Greece accompanied him throughout his life.

The queen’s husband Isabel II, who passed away on Friday at the age of 99, was born on the Greek island of Corfu on June 10, 1921 eight years after the murder of his grandfather, King George I of Greece.

The only male child of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg, Philip was born in the palacio of Mon Repos, which is now a museum and a century ago was the summer residence of the Greek royal family.

His stay in Greece was short.


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