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Princess Air Fryer: why this model is one of the best sellers on Amazon

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If you are thinking of buying an Air Fryer, Amazon sells many, but few are as successful as the 5.2L capacity Princess model. We tell you why.

Oil-free fryers are very fashionable, and they are all allies when it comes to eating healthier without having to sacrifice certain recipes, as is the case with French fries, but also desserts and vegetables that are delicious in them. .

There are plenty of air fryers you can buy, some of them quite affordable, but it’s worth investing a little more to have one with enough capacity to cook several generous servings.

Of those that devastate sales on Amazon, COSORI is well known, although there is another that lags behind, and it is the Princess XXL, model 182050, one of several sold by this brand and whose price moves around 100 euros, depending on the moment.

Princess XXL Fryer at Amazon

There are several reasons why users bet massively on it, and we have tried to compile them in a list that highlights its strengths.

Mainly it has a lot to do with the size-price ratio, and that is that fryers of more than 5L usually cost a little more.

  1. XXL size
  2. Eat healthier effortlessly
  3. More than enough power to cook
  4. Adjustable temperature and timer
  5. Predefined programs in your system

Ability to cook generous portions without skyrocketing the price

The capacity of more than 5 L of your basket translates to the moment of truth in 1.2 kg of fooddepending on the food you cook, obviously, but a very respectable figure.

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That means 4-5 people can eat with a single round of this Air Fryer Princess, no doubt one of the reasons for its success.

There are much cheaper models, although with capacities that sometimes barely exceed a kg, totally insufficient if it is to cook for a family.

Despite being a large-capacity air fryer, its price is not too high and is just over 100 euros.

80% less oil, and that is now very important

Princess XXL oil-free fryer

There are few people who do not like a good portion of French fries or fried chicken from time to time, and the fact is that the taste is undoubtedly very good, but these foods have a problem: healthy what is said to be healthy is not .

Precisely from there comes the rise of air fryers, and it is that you they allow you to eat rich foods without having to put a good dose of saturated fats into your body.

Normally, they do not use any oil, although it is sometimes recommended to pour a tablespoon to make things easier, thus reducing the amount of oil used by 80%, which is not bad at all.

Due to the increase in the price of sunflower oil, it is not a bad idea to start doing without it right now.

1700W power: small and large food without problems

Another point in favor of buying this Princess XXL fryer on Amazon is that its basket is large, and that not only affects the total amount of food you can cook, but also its size.

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That you can put enough potatoes to fry is obvious, but if you want you can also put an apple pie, dough to make bread or a whole chicken, and that is always a plus when choosing what to eat.

With its 1700W there is more than enough power to cook any food completely.

Timer up to 60 minutes with adjustable temperature

Princess XXL Fryer at Amazon

Many Air Fryer models only allow you to set the time, not the temperature. Others allow you to do both but only for 30 minutes.

The Princess XXL Air Fryer goes one step further, up to 60 minutes, which is enough time to cook anything you put inside and out.

It has an LCD touch screen that is quite easy to use as well.

7 preset programs

Not only can you manage time and temperature manually, something that is always complex and requires testing to know exactly how to do it and what the point is for each recipe.

You can do something else even better: use one of the seven predefined programs that come on your screen to get it right without having to think about it too much.

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