Monday, August 2

Princess Sheikha Latifa: the secret videos of the daughter of the Dubai boss in which she claims that she is hostage of her own family

  • BBC Panorama program
  • Reporting team

Princess Latifa.


A capture of one of the revealing video messages that Princess Latifa secretly sent, obtained by BBC Panorama.

The daughter of the emirate of Dubai, who tried to flee the country in 2018, sent secret video messages to her friends in which she accused her father of holding her as a “hostage” and claimed to fear for her life.

In recordings shared with BBC Panorama, Princess Latifa al Maktoum said commandos drugged her when she fled in a boat and sent her back into custody.

Video title,

The Emir of Dubai’s daughter recorded a distress message accusing her father of kidnapping her

Latifa has stopped sending secret messages, and his friends urge the United Nations (UN) to intervene.

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have previously said the princess is safely in the care of the family.

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