Monday, October 25

Prison for Gonzalo, accused of beheading Sergio, who refuses to testify




The Investigating Court number 2 of Alcala de Henares has agreed to the provisional detention communicated and without bail for Gonzalo R., the alleged murderer of Sergio Luis G., an emergency nurse at the Prince of Asturias University Hospital. According to sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM), the judge accuses him of an alleged crime of murder or manslaughter (qualification that may vary as the proceedings progress), as well as one of revelation of secrets, for allegedly spying on his partner through a mobile application.

The defendant has availed himself of his right not to testify, while his lawyers have requested that a medical examiner make him an evaluation to consider that he was not in conditions for his admission to prison. The physician has denied this point and understands that “there is no reason whatsoever to justify his non-confinement”, so that in the next few hours he will enter the Madrid II penitentiary, Alcalá-Meco.

The tragic event took place at 2:20 p.m. last Saturday in the emergency area of ​​the Hospital de Alcalá. Gonzalo, ambulance driver That day he was off duty, he took a large kitchen knife and put on his uniform in order to circumvent all security controls and gain access to the parking area. Emergencies, where he knew he was going to meet Sergio. Viciously, she stabbed him repeatedly in the neck, face and genital area.

A colleague sounded the alarm when she entered the rest room of the health personnel and found the atrocious scene, a moment that Gonzalo took the opportunity to flee and barricade himself in a nearby box. The health workers tried to do everything possible to save the nurse’s life, including transferring him to operating room, but it was not possible. On the other hand, two national police officers who were carrying out the custody from another detainee, they shackled the defendant and made sure that he could not injure anyone else.

The 39-year-old emergency medical technician had become obsessed with the victim. He was convinced that his girlfriend, with whom he had been for at least four years and also a nurse in the ER, had a relationship with Sergio. That would have unleashed Gonzalo’s unjustifiable jealousy, although other testimonies suggest that the girl wanted to leave him and the alleged murderer blamed the nurse for it. The Group V of the National Police, in charge of the investigation, considered from the first moment the jealousy as the main motive for crime.

The hypothesis now gains strength, since it is suspected that he was spying on his partner through an application that he would have installed on his mobile phone to be able to access their conversations, which is why the judge accuses him of a crime of disclosure of secrets.

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