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Private Detective Apologizes to Prince Harry for Espionage: “I deprived him of a normal adolescence”

‘The Princes and the Press’ collects and analyzes many of the situations that princes have experienced William and Harry in relation to the media that, even before they were born, have talked about them and recounted each of the steps they have taken in their daily life.

However, not all professionals in the sector are proud of the information work they did at the time. after decades of harassment, harassment and other examples of intrusion into their privacy.

Good proof of this, are the apologies of a private detective named Gavin Burrows, who admitted that his persecution dynamics against the Duke of Sussex contributed to his inability to enjoy a conventional adolescence, or as “normal” as he could have been as a prince and after the tragic death of his mother: Princess Diana.

I deprived him of his teenage years. I was basically part of a group of people who robbed him of his normal younger years, “he lamented in his interview, adding,” Harry had basically become the new Diana. “

Burrows also wanted to highlight his bad practices in a context of “greed” and lack of control, marked by his high cocaine consumption during those years.

“I was greedy, I liked cocaine and lived in a false state of greatness,” he said.

Likewise, the investigator confessed that both Harry and his then-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, were the victims of continuous wiretapping to the point of having investigated Davy’s medical records.

“Their answering machines were accessed many times, there was a lot of surveillance work on their phones, in their communications”, Gavin explained in his participation in the documentary, in which he also said that Chelsy Davy did not hesitate to show off his relationship with the prince to his friends.

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“Chelsy constantly bragged to her friends when she went to see him,” she recounted.

When asked what specifically she was looking for in her medical records, Burrows said she was trying to answer the questions: Had she had an abortion? Sexual diseases?

Finally, he mentioned that there was a “ruthless” culture in the media, saying: “They have no morals, they absolutely have no morals.”

The authors of the biography of the Dukes of Sussex, ‘Finding Freedom’, one of the most controversial and sold books of the season, also left their distinctive in the aforementioned documentary.

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand confirmed, for example, that the “tensions” between Lady Di’s children intensified markedly after the arrival of Meghan Markle to the royal family, especially on account of certain attitudes and behaviors of the duchess that, apparently, moved away from the strict monarchical protocols.

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