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Process mining: How many euros does your company hide?

Experts consider that process mining will be fundamental in the digitalization of companies during this year 2022 and, according to the process mining enc

The answer to this question can be given by process mining. If we take a look at the latest report published by Forrester and based on a survey of 818 decision makers around the world, more than 70% of companies use ten or more applications to execute a single process and 72% still use manual methods. , which limit the visibility of the process.

All these applications used in companies to carry out activities and tasks generate data that is collected and analyzed thanks to process mining software to subsequently reconstruct the sequence of actions that have been carried out to complete a process.

Take for example a home delivery service. Aggregated information is collected from all the different ways we use to receive the order, prepare the product and deliver it to the applicant’s home. The process mining software applies processes to this information that include analytical techniques from the field of data science and artificial intelligence (machine learning) to detect when and how the different activities are carried out within the foreseen margins (both time and duration). order of activities) as well as all other possible desired and undesired forms.

The activities that make up the process are not always the same nor are they carried out in the same order (for example, payment can be made when the order is received or when it is delivered, by card or in cash, etc.).

Thanks to process mining we can know in detail the number of variants carried out in a company to carry out a certain process (there are companies that have found more than 5,000 different ways to pay an invoice!).

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In addition, it is possible to measure and compare the time and resources used (in other words, costs) in all those ways of carrying out the same process and discover how many times something unwanted or unexpected happens, how it happens and how it impacts the business. With this information, the company can optimize its processes and introduce controls that avoid repeating tasks because they are not resolved correctly the first time, detect bottlenecks or use excess resources in certain tasks, saving thousands of euros.

Thanks to process mining we can know in detail the number of variants carried out in a company to carry out a certain process

This is why, according to the aforementioned report, 61% of decision makers will use, or are evaluating, process mining in the next 12 months, ranking it as the top technology to measure or improve their processes. of business.

Process mining is suitable for any company or organization (yes, Public Administrations also execute processes); and the more complex these operations are, the greater the need for transparency to understand what is happening and the greater the benefits obtained.

This discipline is applicable to improve efficiency in any area, unit or department (call-centers, factories, administrative centers, etc.) and can even reconstruct and analyze processes that cover more than one area or department (and more than one computer system). or database).

However, it is important to choose the right software and to be clear that, although most companies have the necessary data to apply process mining, they usually do not have it ready and it will take some effort to analyze and extract relevant data from the different processes. systems used in the company (accounting, billing, orders, incidents, etc.).

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Once up and running, process mining will help you analyze the actual execution of processes to answer questions such as:

· Why does office A handle more requests than office B if they have the same resources?

· Why are there delays on Thursdays?

· How many more resources do I need to process an additional 30% of work?

· How would the closure of an office or a specific area affect production?

· Is it profitable to invest in automating some process tasks?

Another important utility of process mining is the monitoring of regulatory and regulatory compliance (compliance). By working with whole universes and not samples, it is possible to detect rare cases and sequences of activities that are done in the wrong order, not done, or not done at all. Thus, long before an audit is carried out, cases in which there is risk (and quantify it), non-compliance with regulations (legal or certifying entity) and, of course, fraud can be found.

By Antonio Sánchez Arnanz, GBTEC Spain Business Director

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