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Professional Associations, adding value to citizens

Fernando Candela, President; Francisco Martín-Irles, Secretary and Francisco Menargues, Treasurer of UPA in an act of the PROA Forum.

The Union of Professional Associations of Alicante, UPA, association close to meeting the 30 years, was established with the triple objective of promote the values ​​of the collegiate institution, coordinate actions of common interest to the collegiate professions and provide services to society, contributing their technical knowledge with the added value of the requirement of the professional deontological code. It groups together 37 Professional Associations, which, in turn, host 40,000 members.

Doing a bit of history, we remember that its first board of directors was coordinated by Dr. Sancho Ripoll, being Dr. Ferré Alemán, its second president, who, at the same time, were, successively, presidents of the College of Physicians. The tasks related to the legal and social configuration itself, as well as the creation of the Confederation of Professional Unions of the Valencian Community and the integration of the Professional Associations in the Social Councils of the Universities, they took time and energy.

In full economic crisis, -year 2008-, Dr. Carbonell Martínez, president of the College of Pharmacists, assumes the direction of UPA. To the tensions and uncertainties derived from the economic and social crisis, are added the foreseeable negative consequences derived from the application Sui generis of the European directive of services, which marked the actions of UPA in these years, with a firm commitment to enhance the value of Professional Associations as a good for society. There is also a qualitative and quantitative leap in intercollegiate communication through the WEB and its Information Sheets.

UPA act at the University of Alicante.

Currently its president is Fernando Candela Martínez, dean of ICALI, who also coordinates the activities of BOW, -professionals for Alicante-. At first, the much-announced Law of Professional Services and Associations, with its excessive deregulatory desire, heralded uncertain omens for many professions, so the new board of directors received the mandate to act in defense of the collegiate institution cAs a good for professionals and for society as a whole.

Among the current priorities of the Union of Professional Associations we cite:

· The projection to society of a real and positive image of Professional Associations, highlighting the values ​​that these institutions contribute to citizens. This action also entails a commitment to the transparency of Professional Associations, their adaptation to the demands of Artificial Intelligence society, without ever forgetting the person element, and a commitment to continuous training.

In coherence with the above, the training in our institutions takes on a radical importance, which is evidenced by consulting the training plans implemented by the Official Associations.

· The intercollegiate collaboration, through the communication of experiences, news, training, … with the Information Sheets and, above all, through the newsletters. The PROA magazine edition is in the pipeline, which will be published in these weeks.

Finally, I would like to highlight the work done by the Professional Associations, in particular the professionals and staff of their offices, in these times dominated by COVID-19, on which we must be vigilant in order to avoid harmful relapses.

In these days, in which the act of the Social Council of the University of Alicante of ‘2021 Awards’, The act held in the amphitheater of the University of Alicante for the delivery of the Social Council prizes returns to our memory, since the Union of Professional Associations was awarded the ‘Social Implication’ award in response to the multiple collaborative actions, such as the reception of internship students and their contributions to the study plans.

And the year ended with the official recognition by the University of health professionals for their involvement, beyond imagination, in caring for COVID-19 patients and for their firm commitment to the prevention and establishment of the epidemic , awarding them the Maisonnave Award. It is fair that, from these pages, we reiterate our gratitude, beyond ephemeral applause.

Francisco Martín Irles. Secretary of the Union of Professional Associations of Alicante

Directive of the Union of Professional Associations of Alicante.

President: Fernando Candela Martínez. Law School.

Secretary: Francisco Martín Irles. College of Doctors and Graduates of Letters and Sciences.

Treasurer: Francisco Menargues García. College of Economists.


Montserrat Angulo Perea (College of Nursing)

Andrés Rico Mora (College of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports)

Eduardo Francisco Vilchez López (College of Public Works Engineers)

Hermann Fco. Schwarz Chavarri (College of Physicians)

Antonio Martínez-Canales Murcia (College of Industrial Technical Experts and Engineers)

Mª Dolores Soler Aznar (College of Social Work)

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