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Prosecutors: a key piece of Justice at the service of the citizen

Procurator, from the Latin procurātor. The one that provides legal representation to the defendant before the judicial bodies. Despite the fact that it is a sometimes little known figure, they are essential in almost the all orders jurisdictional of Spanish Law. Its mission is to connect Justice and citizens and guarantee their constitutional right to effective judicial protection.

This specialist in procedural law He is a collaborator of the Administration of Justice who technically assists the defense provided by the lawyers and ensures that the procedure flows in the most convenient way for his client. More than 300 attorneys, 61% of them women, have their home in the Illustrious College of Attorneys of Alicante (ICOPAL). But his home is in the courts, which dominate perfectly. As a technical architect who knows construction on site, his job is to make the theory of “papers” take shape quickly and reliably.

The attorneys, in short, are a indispensable professional group in the legal sector.

New team

In July 2020, the Assembly of the ICOPAL elected a new Governing Board. The team led by the attorney, mediator and teacher Pilar Fuentes received the support of their colleagues to renew the College and publicize the mission of the attorneys, a “key piece” for quality Justice, in the words of the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop.

Juan Carlos Olcina (vice dean), Carmen Baeza (secretary), Nieves Mira (vice secretary) and Cristina Penadés (treasurer) complete the management positions of the team. The members Carmen Lozano (Alicante-San Vicente), Mª Pilar Sánchez (Orihuela-Torrevieja), Lorenzo Guich (Benidorm-La Vila), Juan Carlos González (Elda-Novelda), Miguel Llobell (Dénia), José Blasco (Alcoy-Ibi ) and F. Javier Martínez (Villena) cover each judicial district of the province, while the vocal for practicing youth falls on Guillermo Rico.

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One objective: the citizen

The College of Attorneys’ s mission is to defend the interests of the attorney but without forgetting the people it represents, having a basic objective: to transfer to society that attorneys are at their service. No theory, no jargon, no delay.

How to do it? Looking outside but also uniting inside. To this end, collaboration with operators and civil servants has been intensified. Justice, politicians, agents social and businessmen.

Likewise, aware of the importance of offering legal representation to the plaintiffs of Justice Free, the system of legal officers has been improved and a specific shift has been created for victims of gender violence. ICOPAL hopes to reach agreements shortly for the free representation of people with disabilities.

The digitization of Justice requires offering continuous training, which this College has been tirelessly doing, and also better tools for members and for society.

It is the case of portal, an intuitive electronic platform that allows the user participate in sales of real or personal property within a judicial and even extrajudicial process. With this support it is intended to give practical virtuality to the work of cooperation with the Administration of Justice that the laws grant to the attorneys.

Therefore, anyone who wants to acquire an asset that is auctioned within a process can go to a solicitor who will guide them both in the auction mode carried out at the College itself or on the BOE platform.

In 2021, ICOPAL, together with the rest of the profession, is moving towards a closer, real and excellent attorney’s office. At the end of September, AEPA recognized the work of the College to achieve the gender equality in the process with the delivery of its Seal of Equality, a symbol of progress that it shared with eight other entities in the province.

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And new and exciting projects arise for the new year: the drafting of a strategy of its own. ODS, the edition of the History of the College and the transfer of the headquarters to new premises near the Benalúa courts. Because attorneys believe in renewal, but they also know the importance of playing at home and knowing what your home is.

“An attorney offers guarantee, security and speed to citizens and companies”, Pilar Fuentes, dean of ICOPAL

Pilar Fuentes, dean of ICOPAL.

– Who may need a solicitor?

Any natural or legal person who needs to go to court. We are experts in right procedural and in the functioning of the courts, specific aspects of the Law that are different from the defense exercised by lawyers.

– What is your role and what skills do you have?

The attorney is the representative of the defendant before Justice. It connects the parties with the court by receiving and transferring notifications, managing the procedure, carrying out acts of communication with the opposing party and third parties, assisting the lawyer in the procedural strategy and it also has essential functions in auctions, evictions and in the execution of the judge’s decisions.

– What advantages does having this professional offer?

The attorney provides three fundamental values: warranty, security and speed. The guarantee in judicial communications and security are elements of undeniable importance, as has been evidenced by the jurisprudence of the TC. It must be considered that the Administration of Justice is much more technical than other administrations and handles a dialectic full of transcendent nuances that escape the parties, issues legal-technological that you need to know and address accurately.

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– What challenges and opportunities does the profession face?

Faced with the changes and opportunities that every crisis brings us, the prosecution, like other legal professions, is reflecting on whether the models we inhabit are valid and what we can contribute to achieve a better Administration of Justice. Undoubtedly, digital justice is a challenge for everyone, but prosecutors are at the forefront of innovation, of Technological tools and of the digital transformation.

Internally, we continue to work for the progress of the procurement, which undoubtedly passes through the training, the family conciliation and professional and the improvement of services to members and clients. The pursuit of the future will also be consolidated in two aspects: acts of communication and streamlining of execution as an essential factor of the economy.

Without forgetting our commitment to that other form of effective judicial protection that is mediation and being aware of our full potential in other alternative means of dispute resolution (MASC). We also have to keep striving for seek excellence and increase social recognition of our profession.


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