Thursday, September 28

Prospera Biotech raises 200,000 euros and will accelerate its cream against the effects of chemotherapy on the skin

With this contribution, which has been made entirely by private investors, the firm promoted by the Miguel Hernández de Elche University (UMH) multiply by five your capital, since it started its activity with an initial investment of 50,000 euros.

The director generates of the firm, Marta Garcia Escolano, highlights that the “contribution will be a boost to accelerate new product developments, especially a formulation for sensitive skin caused by cancer treatment that is in a very advanced phase of study and to consolidate the commercial network “.

Prospera Biotech formulates neurocosmetic solutions based on innovative active ingredients that act on epidermal nerve endings developed by IDIBE scientists (UMH Institute for Research, Development and Innovation in Health Biotechnology).

This organism has spent more than 20 years studying the role of nociceptors (nerve terminals of the neurological system housed in the skin responsible for pain and itching) in skin pathologies, the mechanisms that activate them and how to act on them to calm them. This knowledge has served for Prospera Biotech to develop and bring to society its neurodermatological products which are an effective alternative to the traditional care of sensitive skin, which is based, to a large extent, on hydration and immunosuppression of people who suffer from it.

Specifically, the company has relied on the substance that causes some peppers, such as jalapeños, cause itching when eating them, the capsaicin. In particular, research has focused especially on the desensibiliación that this substance ends up causing skin receptors with continued use, which causes people who consume more spicy end up having more tolerance to it.

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From capsaicin, the firm has developed your own molecule which, with this same principle of operation, helps to regulate the neuroreceptors of the skin.

In its first year of activity, Prospera Biotech has already launched three products: Nocisens y Nocisens Intense, y Nocisens Baby, three creams that include neuromodulatory active ingredients that act directly on the nerve terminals responsible for itching, itching and pain, restoring their balance and, therefore, ending these discomforts.

These products are indicated in cases of sensitive and atopic skin, diaper rash and other conditions that cause itching, stinging or pain and represent a new alternative for the relief of discomfort suffered by more and more people in developed countries.

Among the new launches that will accelerate this new financing are specific formulations for gynecological skin conditions, a product for skin with excess sweating and, perhaps the most avant-garde, a cream to calm the sensory discomfort generated as a result of chemotherapy treatment. .

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