Thus, they are planning to test them in their workplaces to avoid a possible outbreak, according to Juan Carlos González, director of Health of Tijuana.

As a consequence of the pandemic, Tijuana saw a drop of up to 70% in the benefits generated by tourism, according to the state government.

Visits to porn sites skyrocket

Faced with this drop in the number of sex tourists, paid sex has opened up space on the internet. Pornhub claims to have registered a 48% increase in visits between March and July from Mexico, for example.

Clients seem to have replaced physical contact with virtual contact, and sex workers, who used to go out on the streets in search of clients, now find them online as well. Customers select girls on the internet and then date them.

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Nicole, 25, has been engaged in sex work for nine years; now it is promoted on different sites on the internet to get clients and prevent its income from plummeting as in March. Most of them come from the United States: they are Americans or Mexicans who live there.

“For example, a gringo comes and asks you how much. And you tell him: ’80, 100 dollars, 60 very cheap ‘, and the gringos do not think about it and pay it, unlike the Mexicans, who always want us to lower the cost, “he explains.

Two months ago he caught the coronavirus, but he thinks it was at a party. He had to stop working for two weeks.

Like her, hundreds of women continue to walk the streets of Tijuana in search of clients. The workers of the Ministry of Health distribute face masks and gel among them, trying to avoid infections. They know that the activity does not stop.

“With the coronavirus I could survive,” says Natalia, “with hunger, no.”