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Protect data to protect people

Hybrid work has made cyber attacks proliferate, increasingly complex and dangerous. And it is that, as organizations manage data sets with a larger dimension, attack surfaces expand and blind spots appear.

To help organizations in this regard, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Purview, a set of solutions that aims to govern, protect and manage data assets by facilitating the administration and control of on-premises, multicloud and SaaS environments.

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The new family of products combines the offering of Microsoft 365 Compliance with the capabilities of Azure Purview, to offer companies a complete and unified platform. Among the possibilities that Microsoft Purview confers on organizations, the following stand out:

  • Asset visibility across the entire data estate.
  • Easy access to all data, security and risk solutions.
  • Simplifying the protection and management of sensitive data across clouds, apps, and devices.
  • End-to-end risk management, as well as regulatory compliance.
  • New unified models of data governance, protection and administration.

Microsoft Purview is a comprehensive platform for data governance, compliance, and risk management that helps organizations securely develop hybrid work scenarios.

Protect data to protect people

For its part, to improve the governance and security capabilities of organizations, Microsoft has also announced a series of new features and product updates, including:

  • The general availability of Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for macOS devices.
  • Expansion of the catalogs of types of sensitive information with more than 50 new classifiers. New classifiers are available for DLP, information protection (self-labeling), information governance, insider risk management, records management, eDiscovery, and Microsoft Priva.
  • The public preview of encrypted document co-authoring for mobile devices (iOS and Android), which enables multiple users to work simultaneously on Microsoft 365 apps and documents with auto-saving, delivering enhanced real-time collaboration and productivity.
  • The public preview of multistage retention in Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management (formerly Microsoft Information Governance), which automatically applies a new tag when an item reaches the end of its retention period. · Microsoft Priva, to proactively identify privacy risks and strengthen the protection of organizations.
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