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Proteins, the best food to attack cravings and excessive hunger immediately

We all want to have a healthy weight, it is well known that it is one of the best tools to prevent chronic diseases. Based on this, we have at our disposal all kinds of diets that ensure the best results, however one of the main stones on the road when following these types of restrictive guidelines: it’s hunger and cravings. The good news is that there are foods that are the best ally to promote the feeling of satiety, one of the most important aspects in weight loss and caloric control. Without a doubt, proteins play a fundamental role, due to their immense satiating potential. Satiety is the feeling of eating “enough” and naturally makes us stop eating. While feeling satiated may seem intangible at first, Researchers have rated which foods are the most satisfying and protein tops the list.

According to experts, many low-calorie foods that are designed for weight loss and dieting tend to be very much on the satiety scale. The biggest problem with these diet foods is that they can cause overeating later on due to increased hunger and cravings.

So one of the main questions when it comes to losing weight with lots of nutrition is what foods are considered the best to reduce cravings and help prolong satiety? Protein is considered the number one most satisfying macronutrient. In fact, according to research published in the Nutrition Journal: a high-protein snack can lower the total calories consumed during the day compared to a high-fat or high-carbohydrate snack.

It is no secret to say that proteins are one of the best allies for weight loss, they are satisfying for many reasons. First of all, the most obvious thing is that they are incredibly satiating and the reason is because they take a long time to digest, they stay longer in the stomach and contribute to the feeling of fullness. Proteins too have a high thermic effect in food and increase the metabolic rate through the calories we burn to digest. They are doubly the most satisfying macronutrient, followed by carbohydrates and lastly, fat.

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Interestingly, it has been shown that highly processed foods high in carbohydrates and fats have a fairly low satiety index. Therefore, they create a very frightening vicious cycle: when we consume them, they give us a certain pleasure and since they are satisfactory, we usually confuse them with satiety, the reality is that within a few hours we will end up eating something else. In addition, they are the main activator of cravings for caloric foods, rich in sugars and fats. The reality is that having the “off switch” for these foods is difficult to achieve. Some strong examples are: donuts, industrial pastries, prepared meals, fried, frozen, pasta and instant foods.

Therefore the recommendation is to make smarter decisions and replace them with nutritious foods rich in protein and of course filling! Such is the case of eggs, chicken and turkey breast, fish rich in healthy fats, whole wheat toast, fruit, vegetables, legumes, natural yogurt and nuts. Although foods rich in protein of animal origin are conspicuous for their protein content of high biological value; the good news is that there are also magnificent alternatives of plant origin.

It is very likely that you perceive completely novices of fullness and satiety in these two food extremes. Those processed with a high contribution of carbohydrates and fats, are not abundant or satiating and for the same reason they are a choice that can make us feel hungry or that we have not eaten enough. In addition, let’s not forget that high consumption generates addiction to them, and in the long term deteriorates health: they increase the risk of heart conditions, obesity, diabetes, depression and others. Therefore, our food choices can influence later throughout the day and this is directly related to weight loss.

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Experts emphasize the importance of starting the day with a balanced breakfast high in protein, as a good tool to increase the feeling of satiety and cause us to stop eating naturally, especially by promoting nutrition and good energy levels. This combination can lower the total calories consumed later in the day by helping you feel full and satisfied.

Now, to increase the feeling of fullness and reduce cravings throughout the day, it is vital to ensure that meals contain the right type of protein in the first place; bet on finding them in whole and lean foods. Too, It is important to review the type of carbohydrates we consume as they are the second most satisfying macronutrient. Therefore, high-fiber carbohydrates such as potatoes, whole grains, brown rice, and fruits are second very close to high-protein foods and help you naturally feel more satiated. They also fill us with vitality and energy. So now you know, concentrating on creating balanced meals with macronutrients to increase the feeling of fullness and satiety, it is not only a great measure to create balanced dishes: it is essential to lose weight and prevent chronic diseases.

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