Wednesday, May 25

Protest in front of the Supreme Court in Poland

LThe demonstration takes place after the Court of Justice of the European Union ruling that rejects the creation of a disciplinary committee for judges as well as the sanctions against several magistrates.

Measures considered as _ “tools of political pressure” _ of the ultra-conservative Polish government.

Poland’s Constitutional Court ensures that the country does not have to follow European directives, which creates even more tension between Brussels and Warsaw.

The President of the Polish Supreme Court, Małgorzata Manowska, is in favor of complying with the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union. It affirms that the judicial reform initiated by Warsaw, which is being opposed by the community institutions, must be changed.

The office of the Polish Ombudsman has criticized the reforms of the ruling Law and Justice party and calls for the Brussels regulations to be respected. Maciej Taborowski, Deputy Ombudsman explains that_ “According to article 9 of the Constitution, Poland complies with current international law, so the ruling is binding. We too have been appealing for some time, and we have done so to the Constitutional Court to apply these provisions in a way that is respectful of European law, because they increase the protection of our citizens “._

Igor Tuleya He is one of the judges removed from the race by the Disciplinary Chamber. But according to the ECJ, the sanction is null. Judge Tuleya, openly critical of the laws of judicial control, will have to wait for the decision of the president of the court: “I will apply to the president of the court for the possibility of reinstatement as a judge, and we will see what the president does. If the president respects the law, then of course he should allow me to go back to the courtroom.

This Disciplinary Chamber is not a court but a formation that pretends to be a whip for judges who try to be independent. It is also a warning to all of Europe, because to destroy the courts and the rule of law in Poland is to destroy the courts in Europe. “

The Polish government believes that it is being treated unfairly by the European Court. This is how Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński explains:“In this case, we clearly see that the EU does not have powers to regulate how our judicial systems are organized, nor the justice systems of the member states, and if it does not have them when it comes to Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic or Denmark, Nor does it have them vis-à-vis Poland. All Member States should be treated the same. We want nothing more, and nothing less. “

In response to the Constitutional Court of Poland, the European Union has given Poland a deadline: they have until August 16 to comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice, under threat of sanctions.

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At the request of the Polish government, the Constitutional Court will rule on which law prevails: Polish or European.

A decision that places Warsaw and Brussels on a head-on collision trajectory.

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