Wednesday, June 29

Protests in Colombia | “In Colombia they always take away the poor, they have always robbed them”: the anguish of a family that sums up part of the reasons for the National Strike

  • Daniel Pardo
  • BBC Mundo correspondent in Colombia

Juan Diego Martinez placeholder image

Juan Diego Martinez.

Edilma Henao and Fidel Martínez, the parents of a Colombian family, regret not having been able to get out of poverty after decades of work and effort.

His apartment, in the immense and poor municipality of Soacha, south of Bogotá, has four spaces in a house with peeling walls: an uncovered laundry patio, a kitchen, a room with two double beds and a living room with three armchairs, a makeup vanity, a television and a stereo.

The street in front is unpaved, power lines hang down, and not far away there is a sports field where every so often, even when BBC Mundo was, fights break out between armed gangs.

In 1989, Edilma and Fidel left the fields, where they worked as coffee pickers since they were children, to Bogotá. They were looking for a less informal life, that did not force them to move all the time and allowed them a stable future.

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