Saturday, July 2

Protests in Cuba: prison sentences are handed down for 12 detainees in recent demonstrations on the island

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Raiza, Anyelo Troya's mother, shows a photo of her son on a cell phone

Image source, Reuters


Anyelo Troya’s family will appeal the sentence.

This Wednesday the first prison sentences were known for some of those arrested during the July 11 protests against the Cuban government, the largest in the last six decades.

After a summary trial held on Tuesday in which most did not have a lawyer, 12 detainees received sentences 10 months to 1 year jail.

One of the courts is Anyelo Troy, director of the Cuban section of the video for “Patria y vida”, the song that became an anthem for the protesters for transforming Fidel Castro’s classic motto (“Patria o muerte”).

His mother, Raiza, spoke with BBC Mundo on Monday by phone from Havana: “I am that I have no life. I am on pills. So bad that I cannot even speak. The pain that mothers are causing us is a lot. “.

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