Thursday, October 28

Protests in Japan over the sexist comments of the ‘boss’ of the Games

The president of the organizing committee of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Yoshiro Mori, she is receiving harsh criticism on social media and from some levels of her country after saying that women make the meetings “last a long time” because “they all want to talk.”

Hours after these statements came to light, delivered at a meeting held on Wednesday and originally reproduced by the Japanese newspaper ‘Asahi’, labels such as “Retírate,” were trending on the social network Twitter in Japan. Yoshiro mori“or” I despise women. “

“I had no intention of belittling women,” he said Thursday. I died in statements to the press, in which he hinted at the possibility of resigning as head of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee if there is a strong demand in this regard.

The origin of the comments

During an extraordinary meeting of the Olympic Committee of Japan (COJ), I died, 83, spoke about the goal that this body has set to increase the number of female members from the current 20% to 40%, saying that “the Ministry of Education has been throwing tantrums” on the issue.

The former prime minister then commented that “in meetings with many women, the meetings last a long time,” and stated that “women have a great sense of rivalry. If a member raise your hand to speak, the rest feel they need to talk too. They all want to speak at the end. “

The opposition complains

“If I say too much the media are going to say that I said bad things, but I heard someone say that if we increase the number of women on the board we have to regulate the speaking time in some way or if not, we will never finish. say who told me this, “he added I died, whose comments were greeted with laughter by members of the COJ, according to local press.

It may interest you

The words of the president of Tokyo 2020, head of the Government of Japan between 2000 and 2001 and former president of the Japanese Rugby Federation, have drawn harsh criticism on social networks, including those from members of the opposition.

“His comments are contrary to the Olympic spirit, which denounces discrimination and appeals to friendship, solidarity and equality,” he wrote Renho, a member of parliament for the main opposition group, the Constitutional Democratic Party, and minister in different portfolios between 2010 and 2012.

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