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Protests over transport and energy prices are the focus of this Thursday’s plenary session in the Assembly

The plenary session of the Assembly of Extremadura this Thursday, March 24, will address among its issues the situation of the economic sectors and families most affected by the current energy and fuel price crisis, as well as other issues of such as the new contract for land medical transport, financial exclusion in rural areas or the Extremadura Housing Plan.

In this session, of an ordinary nature, and which will begin at 9:30 a.m., the opposition’s questions to the President of the Board, Guillermo Fernández Vara, are included, which on this occasion focus on inflation and the protests that are taking place. generating in certain economic sectors.

Thus, the spokeswoman for United for Extremadura, Irene de Miguel, will ask about the measures planned by the Board to “deal with the increases in energy prices and the consequent deterioration in the living conditions of families and different productive sectors”.

For his part, the president of the Popular Group, José Antonio Monago, will ask him about his responsibility in the “multiple demands” of the different economic sectors; while the leader of Ciudadanos, David Salazar, will focus on the measures that the Board is going to take to deal with the transport situation in the region.

Subsequently, after submitting to the Plenary the report on the execution of the Chamber’s budget, the validation of Decree Law 1/2022, of March 2, on urgent measures to improve the quality of public contracting for economic reactivation will proceed. .

In the turn of the appearances of the counselors, the Mobility, Transport and Housing, Leire Iglesias, will do so to report on the general lines of the Extremadura Housing Plan, at his own request.

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For his part, the second vice president and Minister of Health and Social Services, José María Vergeles, will do so at the request of Cs and United for Extremadura to report on the management of the Cáceres Health Area.

The Minister of Economy, Science and Digital Agenda, Rafael Spain, will also appear at the request of the PP, to report on the economic forecasts and the measures adopted in the current economic context.

On the point about the proposals to promote, a PP initiative will take the debate on financial exclusion to the regional parliament, with special attention to the province of Cáceres, where it calls for the implementation of a shock plan.

United for Extremadura raises a proposal in which it urges the Board an institutional recognition of the figure of Antonio Elviro Berdeguer. For its part, Citizens will demand an industrial revitalization plan to locate a logistics platform in Cáceres, while the PP will request in another proposal to promote new measures to mitigate the crisis in the field.

The agenda closes with questions to the directors, which will deal with the reliability tests of the hybrid train in the new high-speed platform in the region, formulated by Cs; the schooling of two Ukrainian brothers in centers other than Plasencia, in charge of the PP.

Cs will also ask about the reasons for the dismissal of the director of the Monfragüe National Park; while the PP will investigate the consequences of the withdrawal of the procedure for awarding the Land Sanitary Transport Service Contract; An issue that will be affected by United for Extremadura, which will demand that the Board assume direct management of the service.

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