Saturday, December 4

Provisional prison for the new detainee for the crime of Samuel in A Coruña

The seventh detained for the crime of Samuel Luiz, before getting into the Civil Guard van to enter prison.

The seventh detained for the crime of Samuel Luiz, before getting into the Civil Guard van to enter prison.

The Examining Court number 8 of A Coruña has decreed entry into provisional prison, communicated and without bail, of the last detainee for allegedly having participated in the crime of Samuel Luiz, which occurred at dawn on Saturday, July 3, on the Riazor promenade, in A Coruña. The arrested man, the seventh in this case and which was brought to justice today, is being investigated for a crime of murder, reported this afternoon the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia.

The instructor assures in the car in which he decrees the suspect’s admission to prison, that he availed himself of his right not to testify, that there is a risk of flight. With this latest arrest, in the case there are five adults, of whom four are in provisional prison, and two minors under investigation.

The new arrest comes more than two months after police forces arrested the first suspects in the violent death of the young man, which uncovered a wave of indignation at his brutality and the homophobic overtones that accompanied the aggression. The six detainees even before the new police movement are being investigated for a crime of homicide or murder, which will be specified throughout the investigation. The fourth detainee – male and of legal age – is also charged with a crime of misappropriation, for having taken the victim’s mobile phone. The Prosecutor’s Office and the accusations –popular and private– ask that the events be classified as murder and robbery with violence and not misappropriation of the theft of the telephone.

Those first six detainees were brought to justice the same day and testified before Examining Judge number 1, who was on duty that week. For men of legal age, the magistrate decreed provisional prison communicated and without bail on understanding that there was a risk of escape and destruction of evidence. For the chica, established Liberty, although with an obligation to appear in court. For minors, internment in a center. This decision was reviewed the following week by his colleague from the Court of Instruction 8, who is the investigator of the case, who ratified the measures.

Once the summary secret was lifted, the defenses of the fourth detainee and the minors requested the release of their patrons to the Provincial Court. The magistrates denied the three requests – the defenses of the first two did not appeal the deprivation of liberty of their clients. as “of his participation in the brutal and prolonged physical aggression perpetrated on the victim, to which several people gave continuous blows and kicks until causing his death due to head trauma” and they also consider that there is an “obvious risk” that the young man “Could try to obstruct the investigation and alter or influence the sources of evidence, especially in regard to witnesses”as statements and evidence are still being taken to complete the investigation.

Phone dump

The National Police has delivered the complementary documentation to the court today derived from dumping content from mobile phones for incorporation into instruction. In total there have been seven arrests. In addition to the last detainee, there are already three men in provisional prison, two in a detention center (minors) and a woman released with precautionary measures.

The Government delegate, José Miñones, thanked the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of the Headquarters of Galicia, based in A Coruña, for the hard work and asks for prudence and responsibility to clarify all the elements of the case.

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