Friday, June 24

Pryce Jones, one of the entrepreneurs who anticipated Amazon’s business model 160 years ago and created a million-dollar company

  • Peter Shuttleworth
  • BBC News


The Pryce Jones catalog is believed to have been the first mail-order catalog when it began in 1861.

Many things related to Christmas were different this year, including how and where you bought the gifts you delivered a few days ago.

You probably bought them through the mail order system, that multi-billion dollar industry that was inspired by predecessors like a little-known 19th century Welsh cloth seller, who lived “in the middle of nowhere” and dropped out of school. at 12 years old.

Pryce Jones could only dream of the impact his entrepreneurial vision would have on the world when in the late 1800s he sold Welsh flannel to the queen Victoria already Florence Nightingale, the famous nurse who stood out for her services in the Crimean War (1853-1856).

Jones “effectively created a company similar to the current Amazon,” says Aled Hughes, host of the Waliau’n Siarad program on the Welsh channel S4C, which dedicates a chapter to the history of the businessman.

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