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PS Plus deals: where is it cheaper on Prime Day 2022

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PS Plus is a powerful subscription that pretty much everyone with a Sony console has. Today is a good day to renew if you haven’t.

Before Game Pass arrived like a hurricane in the world of gaming, PS Plus already had millions of users paying faithfully in exchange for accessing its advantages, which are not few and are increasing.

Renewing PS Plus for 12 months is usualsince the subscription usually expires and users renew taking advantage of offer dates, and there are several keys: PlayStation Days, Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, and now we are in the second of them.

Among the Amazon Prime Day 2022 offers, the official ones, is not the PS Plus subscription, unfortunately, although as usual there are stores that have launched to compete against Amazon with their own discounts, and there you can renew PS Plus cheaper.

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It should be clarified that there are now several subscriptions to PS Plus, as our colleagues at make clear. There are many doubts about it because each subscription offers a series of different benefits and the price also varies.

However, in the new PS Plus there are still practically no offers. The 12 months cost about 120 euros and there is no way to lower it. You can see it in the PS Store.

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For its part, the 12-month subscription to the classic PS Plus, “the one of a lifetime”, has an official price of 59.99 euros, practically half.

Two ways to get PS Plus cheaper

There are stores that are dedicated to selling codes for the PS Store. This is completely legal and normal and has been done for many years. Basically you buy a code that you then redeem in the coupon section of the Store in exchange for a subscription or a balance amount in euros (in the European Union).

Therefore, there are two methods to save when renewing PS Plus: on the one hand, get the code on one of these websites to renew the subscription itself for less money, below those 60 euros that it officially costs. The other method is to get balance cards, say 50 euros, for less than those 10 euros.

As a button shows: in Eneba you can get 60 euros of credit to spend in the PS Store (just what PS Plus costs) for only 50 real euros. In practice it means that you would save 10 euros on the subscription.

Stores that sell PS Plus 12 months at a discount

Stores to buy PS Store credit at a discount

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