Tuesday, October 19

PSOE and Compromís knock down the allegation of the PP and the budget enters into force

Yesterday's plenary session at City Hall, with the assistance of only spokespersons and the mayor of the Treasury.

Yesterday’s plenary session at City Hall, with the assistance of only spokespersons and the mayor of the Treasury.

The 2021 budget in Elche will come into effect today, February 3, after the government team (PSOE and Compromís) yesterday overthrew the allegation that the Popular Party (PP) presented to the final document, which raises the 239.1 million euros the chapter of income and expenses, in an extraordinary plenary session that lasted just over an hour and that hardly contributed anything of substance to what should have been either a criticism or a thoughtful interpretation of what the two formations that govern the government are going to spend or should be spent on. money from the people of Elche.

Unfortunately this became a crossroads of reproaches and accusations that began practically with the first sentence because not even others wanted to give more explanations about the accounts beyond those they already gave in December, when the document was approved. It was another plenary session within the line in which the government and the opposition understand their relations in the noblest room of the town hall. In fact, yesterday the first reproach to the formation led by the popular Pablo Ruz, was the councilor who opened the session, the Financial Management, Patricia Macià, who reproached the opposition that the most important document of any municipality was no longer in force and more so in a year like this, where aid to the pandemic sets the guidelines. José Navarro, the popular deputy spokesperson, was in charge of defending the reasons for presenting the allegation to the document (Pablo Ruz had an indisposition), but he let himself be dragged into this game of disqualifications and accusations in which he got even the unaffiliated councilor involved Eduardo Garcia-Ontiveros, who gave the feeling that they have a certain resentment. Vox, who voted in favor of the allegation, like Cs, was clear from the first moment: “the opposition is not going to be listened to, we are going to be ignored and our objections disregarded,” said Aurora Rodil.

While Esther Diez, Compromís’ spokeswoman assured that the PP’s reproaches to the document accounted for little more than 1% of the budget and did not understand if the PP agreed with the remaining 99%, why the session. Díez and Macià, instead of defending the need for approval and the games questioned by the popular, went on the attack on whether there was a legal motive for that allegation and whether it would end in a plenary session or not, the first assuring that the PP had suspended, “first of councilor” and the second denied even the legal necessity of its celebration.

Meanwhile, Navarro described PSOE and Compromís as sectarian for “not having accepted any of the 92 amendments that we present” and in turn assured that his allegation was “in the most absolute legality, we are here with a report in favor of the controller,” he said. To defend himself, who should have been the leading voice in the accusations and added, addressing Patricia Macià: “It is disrespectful for me to say that we intend to obstruct aid to needy groups” and resorted to the argument, used so many times by the opposition , that yesterday (for Monday) “they went to party and inaugurations” at the “Matola halt with Pedro Sánchez”, referring to the start-up of the AVE line. “They preach but do not apply the consensus they ask for,” he said.


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