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PSOE and Cs support changing the Land Law to save Valdecañas and the PP demands legal certainty

View of the Valdecañas Island Marina. / TODAY

United We Can believe that it is “a flight forward” and that the building “should never have been carried out”

The parliamentary groups of the PSOE and Citizens in the Assembly of Extremadura have shown their support for the proposal to modify the Land Law that is intended to be transferred to the Congress of Deputies in order to modify the Land Law in order to increase projects that can be installed in the protected territories of the Red Natura, as a measure to fight against depopulation.

An initiative for which the PP will wait to know its final content to see if it has “legal certainty” before supporting it, and about which United for Extremadura has said that it would mean a new “flight forward” to try to save Isla de Valdecañas of its demolition, ordered by the Justice.

At the press conference to assess the unemployment data, and asked about this matter, deputies from the four groups have referred to this issue for which the socialist Felipe Redondo has indicated that they are working so that Extremadura has a “single voice” .

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In his opinion, one cannot be talking about the fight against depopulation if later the Land Law “prevents any type of activity from being carried out in protected territories of the Red Natura”, he said.

Thus, and although he has not ventured to offer deadlines to have the initiative ready, he has said that it will be shortly. “I don’t think it will take long” a proposal that has “the general interest of Extremadura very much in mind,” she says.

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Its ultimate goal, he adds, is to reach “a middle ground” in which projects can be developed and the environment that Extremadura has is respected.

Legal security

For his part, the ‘popular’ deputy Javier Cienfuegos has defended that his formation wants to “save Valdecañas” with all his jobs and all his tourism, although he has indicated that it is a state law and that they will wait to see the details of the proposal to decide in due course whether they support it.

“We want to save Valdecañas”, he has asserted, but “with legal certainty”, so he will not support this modification “blindly”. “When it reaches Congress we will analyze it.”

In turn, the spokesman for Cs, David Salazar, has indicated that “it may not be the solution to Extremadura’s development problems” but, he added, “any possibility of maintaining Valdecañas and promoting the development of our land” is van to support.

“Any possibility for the Natura 2000 Network and for all the ZEPAs not to be a brake on the development of Extremadura, we are going to support it,” said Salazar.

flight forward

Finally, the deputy of United for Extremadura Joaquín Macías, has indicated that he is aware of the proposal because they were summoned to a meeting together with the rest of the parliamentarians, but he considers that the orientation is “wrong”.

A proposal “intimately” related to the Valdecañas demolition sentence and, therefore, “an attempt to save” the project, which he considers an “error” when “all the courts have taken a position” in this regard, and which also “It should never have been done.”

In addition, when the courts ruled, its development was maintained, and now this proposal to modify the Land Law “is a new flight forward.”

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