Monday, October 25

PSOE and EU of San Vicente agree to cut the party game in half and raise social spending

The City Council of San Vicente del Raspeig

The City Council of San Vicente del Raspeig

The party of Fiestas is going to be affected this year of pandemic in San Vicente del Raspeig. The Government team has reached an agreement during the negotiations prior to the approval of the accounts for the year 2021 and the Fiestas area is one of the most affected. The draft of the budgets to be prepared by the left-wing bipartisan from San Vicente, made up of PSOE and Esquerra Unida, have agreed to cut some items with the aim of increasing others that are more necessary this year. In the case of Fiestas, municipal sources assure that it will be affected with a cut of half its budget. Around 150,000 euros. An amount that goes to social housing.

San Vicente del Raspeig has not approved the budget in December as it has done in previous years. The PSOE government team and Esquerra Unida warn that in a special year like this, it has also had to be noted in the most important accounts of the year. The mayor of the Treasury, Guillermo García asserts that there are two reasons, especially those that have delayed the fact that the budget has not arrived on time. On the one hand, it attributes the delay to the reorganization of the current List of Jobs (RPT) that was approved last November in which some positions were created and another was modified; as well as the work that has been necessary to perform to access the employment plans that the San Vicente City Council has chosen. Both aspects affect the preparation of municipal accounts.

In September, the meetings and assignments work began to reach the budget on time, according to the mayor. Guillermo García explains that it has been now when the government team has agreed on a draft budget. And one of the proposals that the Socialists have made to their partners has been the cut in different areas to reinforce others of greater need “you have to invest in social matters”, highlights the mayor of Finance. The council assumes that the coronavirus will continue to affect local celebrations, hence it intends to do without much of the planned money.

In the absence of a vote

And the government team has already begun negotiations with the parties since it needs at least one vote to be able to carry it out. Although the first mayor, Jesús Villar, warned that the intention is to have all the opposition groups, the Councilor for Finance adds that “the intention is to speak with all the groups, but in the end we are a left-wing government, we govern in the Botànic with groups that are in the opposition, “explains the mayor, referring to Compromís and Podem. Compromís already supported the accounts last year, although his spokesman, Ramon Leyda, did not hide the discomfort of his formation since he regrets that the agreements they reached have not been fulfilled. Despite this, the mayor of the Treasury warns that “we will not stop having Compromís despite his discomfort.”

Asked precisely about this formation in the extraordinary plenary session in December, the head of the Treasury assures that the 2021 budget will be approved in mid-January.

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