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PSOE and Podemos veto that Congress supports the dialogue between Maduro and the opposition




The Congress of Deputies will not support, at least for the moment, the dialogue between Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition. PSOE and United We Can have vetoed the House’s adhesion to an initiative promoted by the US Democratic Senator Bob Menéndez, which has been seconded so far by the presidents of the Foreign Affairs Committees of eight parliaments, including the European, the German, or the British. Thus, Spain once again detaches itself from the surrounding countries for practicing a policy more aligned with the interests of Nicolás Maduro than with those of the Venezuelan opposition.

The democratic initiative came to Congress from the hand of the popular foreign spokesperson, Valentina Martínez Ferro, who forwarded it to the president of the Foreign Commission, the socialist Pau Marí-Klose. Martínez Ferro was confident that he would have no problem signing it since the text seeks to strengthen the negotiating path. Nevertheless, After studying the text, the socialist politician answered that PSOE and United We Can not agree with adhering to it and since there was no unanimity, he could not support it. There was no attempt on the part of Marí-Klose to negotiate the content with Menéndez to remove what might bother them or add ideas that they were missing.

“No tensionar”

There are several versions of what happened from when Marí-Klose received the initiative until he told Martínez Ferro that he would not sign it. The socialists do not go into which parts of the democratic text could be problematic and they limit themselves to maintaining that since United We Can not support it, there was not the necessary unanimity to promote it.

From the purple formation, in a version coinciding with the popular one, they emphasize that the veto “was not a matter of United We Can.” “None of the government partners, seeing that a dialogue was taking place between the parties, wanted to stress the situation and that is why the statement was not signed,” say sources from Podemos. That is to say, the veto was not a requirement of the purple ones but that the PSOE did not want to support the text either, as Marí-Klose indicated to Martínez Ferro.

Parliamentary sources familiar with the negotiations explain that when the socialists informed United Podemos about the democratic initiative, they were told that it was better “not to stress”, without giving reasons, and not to adhere to it. United We can agreed. Socialist sources do not deny or confirm this version, and they refuse to explain the socialist position before the Democratic initiative. His version is limited to pointing out that “there was no unanimity” among the parliamentary groups.

Lost opportunity

What’s more, The socialists blame the PP for the lack of agreement, assuring that since it was the promoter of the initiative within Congress, it was responsible for obtaining support.. For Martínez Ferro the problem is that the PSOE “has an allergy to everything that comes from the PP, but partisanship cannot justify not supporting dialogue and the democratic opposition,” he criticizes.

The Democratic communiqué “welcomes the beginning of negotiations to restore constitutional order, democratic institutions and political rights in Venezuela” and calls for “good faith” from the Maduro regime to “restore democratic governance, reestablish the rule of law and restore fundamental freedoms and human dignity to the Venezuelan people.

Along these lines, he advocates the negotiation of an “agreement that specifies the conditions and terms of new legislative and presidential elections” and recalls that the modification of the sanctions imposed by the international community on Venezuela depends on the “concrete measures” it adopts. the Maduro regime after dialogue with the opposition.

Waste more time

“This moment requires a serious effort to truly address the horrifying political, humanitarian, economic and security crises in Venezuela. The Venezuelan people cannot afford to waste more time, “adds the initiative. The statement includes a condemnation of the “arbitrary” detention of former opposition MP Freddy Guevara and the “intimidation” suffered by the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó.

Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claim to be outside the veto of this initiative and maintain that the Socialist Group did not ask the José Manuel Albares team for criteria at any time. This episode occurs when the Spanish Executive tries to build a good relationship with the Biden Administration, for which it is also a missed opportunity.

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