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PSOE and Podemos vetoed Congress investigating the Oltra case




Congress was unable to investigate the management of the abuses of the ex-husband of the former Valencian vice president, Mónica Oltrabecause PSOE, Podemos and their partners they prevented it. The veto took place last February, almost a year after the Valencia Court sentenced the ex-husband of the leader of Compromís.

The initiative had come from the PP to create an investigative commission in Congress on the political responsibilities of the Government, “both by action and omission”, in the abuse of minors under guardianship in the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands. But the attempt collided headlong with the investiture majority, which lined up to throw him down in the Board of Spokespersons.

The reasoning put forward was that Congress does not have jurisdiction in cases of an autonomous nature and that the parliaments of each community should be the ones to investigate what happened.

An argument leading to a dead endbecause for that date PSOE and Compromís had shelved all attempts to investigate the abuse of minors in the Valencian Courtswhile the party of Pedro Sánchez and Podemos had done the same in the Balearic Parliament. During the debate and the subsequent vote in the Board of Spokespersons, only Vox, Ciudadanos and Foro supported the investigation requested by the PP.

More speed for the Church

The party that he presides today Alberto Nunez Feijoo also asked the Ombudsman to intervene and investigate the actions of the central, Balearic and Valencian governments in cases of child abuse, and to demand the appropriate responsibilities. In its letter, sent to the institution in December, the PP reminded Ángel Gabilondo that these abuses “violate fundamental rights and freedoms” guaranteed by the Constitution, and insisted on this idea of ​​clarifying any type of responsibility of public administrations “by action or omission”. But Gabilondo rejected the request, arguing that the situation in the Valencian Community had been prosecuted and that, therefore, he could not intervene until it was resolved.

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The left assured that the Oltra case could only be examined by the Valencian Parliament, but there it had laid down its investigation

The Ombudsman has replaced that investigation requested by the PP with another ex officio throughout the country, for which he has requested that the communities – the Valencian and Balearic ones included – and the Ministry of Social Rights send him possible cases of exploitation of minors under guardianship and the measures adopted against it. But This research is still at a very early stage., waiting to receive data. A lack of progress collides with the rhythm printed by the institution to the work on the abuse of minors within the Church.

And it is that the Ombudsman was commissioned by Congress to investigate the latter only three months ago, but at the beginning of next month the advisory commission will already be created and will hold its first meeting. For that date, Gabilondo will also launch the Technical Unit for active listening and care for victims of abuse. In addition, he wants to create a forum for dialogue with the associations of victims. On the other hand, the investigation on the abuses of minors in guardianship has at this moment only the data sent by some autonomies.

The Ombudsman blames this obvious difference in treatment on the judicialization of abuses of minors under guardianship in the Valencian Community, but there are also cases of abuse within the Church that are judicialized. On this, the institution argues that it investigates the abuses committed by religious by order of Congress, but that this Chamber has not asked it to report on the Mónica Oltra case.

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