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PSOE and PP agree in Congress to raise defense spending to 2% with the vote against Podemos


The proposal defends a foreign and security policy “of the State in which the permanent axes that have been common in all the governments of democracy in the neighborhood issues, EU and Latin America are recovered and strengthened”

Image of the hemocycle during the third session of the State of the Nation debate.Bernardo Diaz

PP and PSOE have reached an agreement on the resolutions presented after the debate on the State of the Nation to raise Defense spending to 2% of GDP, as the Government promised at the last NATO summit.

The PSOE has accepted the resolution of the PP on Defense after the ‘popular’ incorporated proposals from the PSOE. Thus, they undertake to jointly bring to Congress the progressive increase in budget spending in this item up to 2% of GDP. The proposal has gone ahead with the support of 222, the no of 68 and 55 abstentions. Podemos, Sánchez’s government partners have voted against.

The incorporation of the socialist amendment guarantees its support for the resolution presented by the PP. In return, the popular ones renounce -at least, on paper- to propose the approval of “a law of financing of the national defense with a multiannual programming” that allows to guarantee the achievement of this objective.

The amendment includes the modification of three of the nine points made by the popular in the initial proposal. The most substantial change appears in the fifth episode, where the proposal to approve a national defense financing law disappears and it is indicated that the greater investment in Defense should allow “modernizing and improving the military capabilities” of the Armed Forces.

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However, the PSOE accepts one of the essential points of the PP proposal that affects foreign policy. The text defends “a foreign and security policy of the State in which the permanent axes that have been common in all the governments of democracy in the neighborhood, European Union and Latin American issues are recovered and strengthened”, points out the text of the PP and that the PSOE assumes. This is a correction to the latest decisions adopted by the Executive in foreign policy with respect to the Shara.

With this resolution, the PP and the PSOE will get Congress to support, in addition to the increase in the defense budget, “strengthen the relationship with the United States” and the expansion of the military contingent requested for the Rota naval base, as well as the promotion ” in all its dimensions the new strategic concept approved at the NATO Summit”.

On the other hand, the opposition has achieved, thanks to the abstention of United We Can, that Congress demands the extension of the useful life of nuclear power plants, reverse the closure of thermal power plants and the construction of a temporary spent nuclear fuel warehouse in Villar de Caás (Cuenca), according to Europa Press.

This measure is part of a resolution proposal of the Asturias Forum agreed with Vox that was approved this Thursday during the Debate on the state of the nation.

The proposal has been approved with the votes of the PP, Vox, Ciudadanos, Teruel Exists and Foro Asturias. The PSOE, Esquerra Republicana, EH-Bildu, Junts, the PDeCAT, Ms Pas-Equo, the CUP, the Canarian Coalition and the BNG have voted against, while United We Can, the PNV and the PRC have abstained.

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