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PSOE and United We can agree to freeze the government’s salary in 2021 | Economy

The Spokesperson and Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, this Tuesday.
The Spokesperson and Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, this Tuesday.EUROPA PRESS / E. Parra. POOL / Europa Press

The Budgets for 2021 project faces its second examination. After sorting through the amendments to the whole, he now faces the proposals for partial changes advanced by the parliamentary groups, which had time until 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday to present them. The same coalition partners, PSOE and United We Can, have agreed to freeze the salary of members of the Executive. Ciudadanos, meanwhile, has registered 320 amendments, including a super-reduced VAT of 4% for tourism, while the PNV has maintained its refusal to increase the tax on diesel.

The joint amendment between PSOE and Podemos details that the salary of the Prime Minister will remain at 84,845.16 euros, and at 79,746.24 euros for the vice-presidents. The ministers will charge 74,858.16 euros; 85,196.88 euros for the president of the Council of State and 93,075.48 euros for the president of the Economic and Social Council.

The joint amendments presented by the PSOE and Unidos Podemos also include 100,000 euros for third sector organizations in the fight against the digital gender gap, 50,000 euros for the Fundación Real Instituto Elcano de Estudios Internacionales y Estratégicos and another 40,000 euros for the Academy of Asturian Llingua, endowments that come from other games.

Another amendment is also added in order to be able to meet the payment of the obligations generated in previous years for the construction of the Extremely Large European Telescope of the European Southern Observatory, as well as a technical correction of the bonuses to be applied to encourage traffic and services maritime services that contribute to economic and social development. In the amendments presented by PSOE and Podemos, proposals for tax benefits are added for some events, commemorations or anniversaries for the next fiscal year and that, in some cases, extend beyond that date due to possible delays or postponements due to the pandemic.

Citizens, for their part, with whom the Government is negotiating to get their support for the new accounts, has registered 320 amendments and has reiterated that it reaches out to the Executive until the end, but has warned that it will not vote on an agreed budget neither with ERC nor with EH Bildu, since they are “two incompatible ways”. Many of these amendments are territorial in nature and others to boost employment in sectors such as tourism, for which they propose to lower VAT to 4% while restrictions on the movement of travelers are not lifted. Also the creation of a special fund for direct aid to tourism and hospitality, with 20,000 million endowments between 2021 and 2023. Other amendments are aimed at extending the ERTE initiated during the first state of alarm and the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity for self-employed until June 30, 2021, and to extend the repayment term of ICO credits from five to eight years, as well as the extension of the grace period from six months to two years.

The orange training also asks for direct aid to vulnerable families for the purchase of masks while their use is mandatory, 5,000 million more for Science, health research and R + D + i, suppressing the increase in salaries to the Government and its senior officials or a fiscal consolidation plan. However, the parliamentary spokesman for Ciudadanos, Edmundo Bal, has reiterated that he maintains as economic conditions to support the Budgets a paid work permit for parents with children in quarantine, direct aid to freelancers and companies with less than 50 workers and greater investments in health and dependency. As political conditions, it indicates that the Government must commit to guaranteeing Spanish as a vehicular language together with the language of autonomy, and not holding illegal referendums of self-determination.

The PNV, which is part of the investiture bloc, has presented a total of 85 partial amendments. Among them, the amendment to eliminate the rise in diesel that has been included in the Budget project stands out. Also noteworthy is a fund of 50 million for a Machine Tool Renovation Plan, an increase in the items aimed at improving transport and port infrastructures, improvements in the field of university vocational training, investments in R&D and energy renewable, as well as a range of cultural and municipal projects.

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