Tuesday, October 19

PSOE, PP and Compromís clash with the amendments before debating the 2021 budget

A moment of plenary session this morning

A moment of plenary session this morning

The plenary session of the Elche City Council debates this morning the approval of the budgets for 2021, some accounts marked by the current pandemic situation and that is 2% less than in 2020. For now, the first hour and a half of the session, which It began at 9 a.m., it has been dedicated to discussing the amendments to the whole or to the generality that Vox (at 5.30 in the morning officially) and PP have presented separately. The PP has even presented 92 partial amendments. However, the initial debate has focused on the confrontation between PP, PSOE and Compromís and reproaches, current and past, of each other. Even the non-attached mayor Eduardo García-Ontiveros has considered that the PP has presented its amendments this morning to have “its five minutes of glory” since studying them would at least delay the plenary session for another 24 hours.

The proposed municipal budget project for 2021 represents a global figure that amounts to 239.1 million euros, of which the City Council in the strict sense will manage 199.6 million; the municipal promotion company Pimesa will have 11.1 million; the municipal tourism entity Visitelche will present a budget of 2.1 million and the company Mantenimiento d ‘Espais Verds will have a budget of one million euros. In addition to the institutions and entities with 100% municipal capital, the Aigües d ‘Elx joint venture will have an economic amount that amounts to 30.1 million euros.

Mayor Carlos González has already qualified budget of “fiscally moderate, investor, social, transformative and modernizing”, and assured that “Seeks to modernize public services, continue with the modernizing and transforming policies of public space and also of the numerous collective facilities that the city has, which are so important for citizen dynamics and coexistence ”.

Pimesa, if these accounts are approved (PSOE and Compromís are enough for this) will have more than 11 million euros for the promotion of housing and industrial land; the tourism company Visitelche will manage more than 2 million and Espais Verds will face a million euros each year, while the joint venture Aigües D´Elx will have a budget of more than 30 million euros

González highlighted the fundamental role that public investment plays in the reactivation of the economy, and assured that “For every million euros invested in public works, at least 30 direct jobs are generated and other indirect ones during the period of execution of said works, therefore, Public investment not only modernizes public space and improves life in the city, but also becomes a driving force for the economy”.


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