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PSOE: Sánchez criticizes the “artificial polemics” for Bildu’s support for the Budgets in a letter to the militancy | Spain

Pedro Sánchez and Carmen Calvo this Wednesday upon their arrival at the control session in Congress.
Pedro Sánchez and Carmen Calvo this Wednesday upon their arrival at the control session in Congress.Emilio Naranjo / EFE

Pedro Sánchez defended this Thursday in a letter to the PSOE militancy “the historical scope” of some “indispensable” Budgets, in an attempt to cauterize the wear and tear due to EH Bildu’s support for the accounts and the efforts of United We Can to strengthen space with unilateral proposals, such as the anti-eviction amendment with ERC and abertzales and the request for a referendum in Western Sahara. Sánchez called the criticisms of the PP “artificial controversies” while in La Moncloa and Ferraz they were mentalizing themselves for a few very tough weeks. Neither the opposition nor the minority partner of the Government will give truce until there are Budgets.

No one thought it would be easy. But the intensity of the attacks received in the last two weeks, especially due to the support of EH Bildu to the Budgets, and the lack of truce of Pablo Iglesias in such a delicate moment, have led Sánchez to remind the militancy of the importance that the public accounts are approved. Those in force, extended from 2018, were approved in a very different context, of economic expansion. Without new Budgets it will be impossible to weather the crisis that is hitting Spain. In addition, the exit steps are crooked: the deficit will break records and exceed the government’s forecasts, according to the IMF. Brussels is also suspicious.

“Our mission is not simple. You will have verified when talking with neighbors, colleagues and friends that all these social advances that the new Budgets entail occupy little space in the public debate. Attention is diverted to issues of the past, such as the fight against terrorism, which have nothing to do with the Budgets and fortunately have not been among the problems of Spain for years, “the Prime Minister said in the letter to the bases. In the four-page letter, he does not once cite EH Bildu, as he did in the Senate and Congress control sessions this week. Sánchez hopes to turn the page like this. The opposite, they understand in La Moncloa, would be playing the game with Pablo Casado, whom Sánchez accuses of trumpismo.

The satisfaction of the Government for having obtained the greatest support for a budget process (198 votes compared to 150) was soon annulled by the political storm that caused the harmony with the left abertzale. A rapprochement – in La Moncloa and in Ferraz they insist that it is not possible to speak of a pact – that has caused deep discomfort among some barons and historical leaders of the PSOE, and that was aggravated by the ostentation that Iglesias made of the approach with Arnaldo Otegi .

In the PSOE it is already a tradition that some of the most furious reproaches come from friendly fire, and the position of the government partner does not make things easy. The second vice president and secretary general of Podemos came to celebrate that in this way EH Bildu would be integrated “in the direction of the State.” That is, it would be a key partner of the Executive to the detriment of Citizens, as preferred by sectors of the PSOE and the Government. But what most came to concern in the leadership of the PSOE was the rejection it could generate among its most loyal members and voters.

Sánchez resolved to address the socialist militancy, seeing the seriousness of the turbulence. “Budgets are so essential and their orientation is so indisputable that the government’s adversaries avoid talking about them and divert attention to fabricated news,” Sánchez says in the letter. The anti-eviction amendment that Iglesias negotiated on his own with ERC and EH Bildu did not help either. Another unilateral decision by United We Can that has outraged the socialists.

The leader of the PSOE remarks that his objective is that the Budgets “arise from a union as broad as possible.” “We have a parliamentary support that intends to extend as much as possible and does not exclude anyone (…) All support is accurate.” Sánchez insists on this message despite the reality of crossed vetoes such as that of Iglesias a Ciudadanos and those of Inés Arrimadas with ERC three months before the Catalan elections. “Our country needs to get ahead with everyone’s support. There is no excuse that justifies disregarding this effort and even less opposing it ”, he concludes.

Sánchez links the reaction of the PP with the “reactionary populism that has just received a resounding defeat in the United States”, alluding to Donald Trump. “We have seen it in the United States and we see it in Spain. False and flamboyant accusations spread, fake news; hatred and polarization are promoted; The electoral results are denied legitimacy, and their consequences are concealed in the field of the Judiciary, in the Constitutional Court or in any of the other constitutional bodies, ”Sánchez reproaches. EH Bildu’s support for the accounts makes, according to Casado, unfeasible an agreement between the PP and the PSOE to renew bodies such as the General Council of the Judiciary, which will serve two years of interim status in December. Other institutions pending renewal are the Constitutional Court, the RTVE Council and the Ombudsman.

The last letter, in the real crisis of August

Pedro Sánchez plays the legislature in the coming weeks. Your future depends on Budgets. Although the scenario was foreseeable, with the PP against him, the fronts are accumulating. When it is not the migratory crisis in the Canary Islands, it is the anger Celaá law. Hence the importance of the letter to the militancy. A habit that the PSOE reserves for rare occasions, when it feels that it must fix its position. The previous time that Sánchez wrote to the bases was on August 6, following the departure of Juan Carlos I to the Arab Emirates after the controversy over his fortune. Sánchez claimed the parliamentary monarchy as an essential element of the constitutional pact that cannot be “chopped up and selected on a whim” and with which the socialists are loyal “from beginning to end.”

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